April 2018
Co-op Matters

Understanding DOT Regulations for Farmers

ADOT Officer Jason Guthrie clarifies some misunderstood DOT farming regulations.


Elberta Farmers Co-op holds a special forum to discuss an often-misunderstood subject.

Elberta Farmers Co-op held a special night for farmers and the community to learn more about DOT regulations and how they apply to various types of farming. The meeting introduced items being brought to light again since the law was reformed in the 1980s.

Alabama Department of Transportation Officer Jason Guthrie clarified some items such as the weight of vehicles, certifications that may be needed, crossing state lines and when you may not be able to use the farmer exemption.

After talking, he opened the meeting for questions. This allowed for a unique discussion offering a better understanding of an often-misunderstood section of our state’s law.


Farmers and community members attend a meeting at Elberta Farmers Co-op to learn more about DOT regulations and how they apply to them.

Guthrie would like for all farmers to understand the law and its exemptions. Some of these are:

As a reminder from all Quality Co-ops, if you have any questions about the road rights of a farmer, please ask.


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