March 2018
Youth Matters

Third-Graders Garden for Giving


Top, Ms. Fortson’s third-grade class with ACES’s Dominguez Hurry, far left, and the ADAI’s Harold McLemore. Bottom, Ms. Perkins’ third-grade class with some of the collards they grew and harvested.


The Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries in conjunction with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System of Macon County sponsored a farm project with Tuskegee’s Carver Elementary’s third-grade classes.

The third-graders donated 240 pounds of collard greens from their plasticulture garden to the Tuskegee Community Christmas dinner (#BECAUSEMACON-COUNTYCARES2017).

Another ACES farm project at the Tuskegee Veterans Hospital donated an additional 60 pounds of greens to the dinner.

Congratulations to Carver Elementary’s third-graders and Tuskegee Veterans Hospital for their good works.


Harold McLemore is a marketing specialist with the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries.