March 2017
The Herb Lady

Relief for Shingles and Gout

I attend Sunday school at Eastern Shore Baptist Church in Daphne. We have an excellent teacher. Her method of teaching impresses me highly. In recent days, the topic has been David, which I have enjoyed very much.

Before the lessons begin each Sunday, we have a time for prayer requests and praises. As I hear ailments I want to say, "If you do so and so, it will possibly help your situation." Today, as this took place, an excellent idea came to mind. I can write my thoughts and send them to my friends in emails. Another idea happened as I put my fingers on the keys. This first message to my friends will also be a column for AFC Cooperative Farming News.

Two class members are suffering with gout. I’ve never had gout, but those who have will certainly offer sympathy. Gout is a disease in which defective metabolism of uric acid causes arthritis, especially in the small bones of the feet, causing acute pain. Gout was once thought of as a rich man’s disease. Today, we know it can attack the poorest among us.

I have known more than one person who took concentrated black cherry juice (I stress CONCENTRATED) and experienced much relief from gout. This is available in both liquid and pill form. It appears to me that the liquid form is most effective. You should find this in a health food store. Follow package directions.

Shingles is another painful disease I’ve never experienced. (I have taken the immunization.) Shingles (Herpes zoster) is a viral infection of certain sensory nerves, causing pain and eruption of blisters along the course of the affected nerve.

A young lady developed a rash that she thought was poison ivy. She applied a substance called Itch Nix. (This product is very beneficial for poison oak and poison ivy.) Later, it was determined she actually had shingles. She continued the use of Itch Nix to relieve her pain.

An older woman’s breast was completely covered with shingles. She had been unable to sleep due to the pain for several days. She applied Itch Nix and immediately fell asleep. She told me she was completely relieved.

During my days as an office nurse, I saw many patients with shingles. I think I saw shingles on every part of the body – from head to toe.

Among other things, Itch Nix contains aloe, cloves, camphor, castor oil, echinacea, witch hazel, comfrey and calendula. Itch Nix should also be available at a health food store.

I wish I had known about the use of Itch Nix for shingles when I was an office nurse. The doctor I worked for would have welcomed its use.

I first heard of Itch Nix through my son. He had an itch on his upper right arm. There was no rash; just an itch, 24 hours a day. He tried many remedies. Nothing helped.

"Mother, I can cope with this pretty well in the daytime, but it doesn’t let me sleep at night," he said.

He accidentally saw Itch Nix in a hardware store, bought it and applied it. Ahhhhhhh, relief – blessed relief. There is always a bottle of Itch Nix available in his medicine cabinet.

 As always I advise you to check with your doctor before taking alternatives.


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