June 2017
The Herb Lady

The Healing Nun

In March 2014, I was visited by an interesting couple from west Mobile. I’m going to call them John and Jane. They had a very interesting story to tell. Now their story is going to be shared.

Jane had been diagnosed with osteoarthritis that, of course, causes any victim to suffer pain. Her pain appeared to be more severe than average. They had talked with and received advice from "The Healing Nun."

The Healing Nun had advised them to contact Nature’s Sunshine products to obtain Tei Fu lotion and use it as a rub to control some of the pain. They made the call and were given my telephone number. Our later visit was enjoyed by all three of us.

Jane took the nun’s advice and began to use Tei Fu lotion that John (an outstanding caretaker) applies as needed. She decided to also take Skeletal Strength. A recent conversation confirmed she continues to use these alternatives and gains benefit.

I’ve written about Tei Fu lotion before. (I call this "Glorified Ben Gay.") It is composed of Chinese herbs. You might remember that I apply it to my bunion when it is hurting. After the application, I can forget the bunion and go to sleep.

These words are printed on the bottle of Skeletal Strength: "Provides nutrients for proper structural system function. Vital for bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and skin."

I had never heard of "The Healing Nun" before and wanted to learn more; therefore, I searched online. I found more than one healing nun and spent a morning’s entertainment reading their interesting stories. My readers might enjoy doing the same.

This triggered the memory of a very pleasant event in my life that I’ve decided to share. First, I will tell you I was a grown woman before I met a Catholic. There simply were none in the rural region where I was raised. As a young adult, this changed. I am not Catholic but I definitely respect their religion.

From 1954 to 1969, I was office nurse for Dr. Jane Day in Montgomery. I was in daily contact with St. Margaret’s Hospital (primarily with admissions). Sister Carmilite, an outstanding woman, was the hospital’s administrator during those years. She was admired by all who knew her and all who knew of her.

One day, I received a request (or was it a summons?) to appear at Sister Carmilite’s office at a certain time. At the appointed time, I appeared promptly at her open door. I knocked lightly to say, "I am here." She was seated at her desk, directly facing the door. Of course, she was dressed in a severe habit that was the style of the day. She left me standing for a short time (that seemed like forever). She looked straight at me with her hands folded under her chin. Finally she said, "I am so happy to finally meet the great Nadine."

I do not remember another word that was spoken. Why was I summoned? I do know we had a short, but very pleasant, meeting. Many years have gone by and I still do not know what I had done to earn this remark that was most likely the greatest compliment I ever received.


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