September 2017
The Herb Lady

Diabetes and Chromium

Chromium is a mineral that is essential for overall health, but using chromium to treat diabetes can be particularly effective. It is commonly found in brewer’s yeast, meats, chicken, shellfish (especially clams), corn oil and whole grain."

The above information comes from the internet.

I first heard about the beneficial use of this mineral for diabetics from an old school friend. We saw each other for the first time in years and enjoyed a visit.

Knowing my interest in herbs and alternatives prompted her to ask, "Did you know that I am a diabetic?"

To this I answered, "No, Betty, I had no idea."

She went on to tell me she had always kept the condition under control with diet and oral medication. Her situation changed and her doctor suggested she go on insulin. Somehow, she had heard chromium was beneficial to diabetics. She went to a health food store and purchased a bottle. She took it by package directions. By doing so, she was able to keep her blood sugar levels under control without changing her treatment to include insulin.

After hearing her story, I did a little research and learned that it is common for diabetics to have a low level of chromium that is needed for the pancreas to do its proper job.

Recently I encountered a nice young man with an artificial leg from his knee down. (He happened to be wearing shorts.) Circumstances caused us to be together in a waiting room and we struck up a conversation.

I asked, "Did you have a war injury?"

He answered, "No, ma’am. I am a diabetic. Earlier I had no idea that I was diabetic. An infection developed in my foot that did not respond to treatment. My diabetes was discovered and, of course, I began proper control. The uncontrollable infection persisted. My foot was removed first. Later I lost my leg up to my knee. I have also lost a part of my other foot. At present, there seems to be no infection."

He explained he has continued to control his blood sugar with diet and medications. I didn’t ask what medications he takes.

This prompted me to ask, "Has anyone ever suggested you take chromium?"

To this he answered, "I have never heard of it."

I told him Betty’s story and suggested he go to a health food store/herb shop and obtain more information about chromium.

This interesting young man’s story prompted this column.

I think we are all aware that sugar is one of the worst enemies of diabetics. Also, our country appears to have more and more diabetics. Practically everything we eat contains sugar, EVEN CORNBREAD. I can’t imagine who started this foolish trend. My grandmother didn’t put sugar in cornbread. My mother didn’t put sugar in cornbread and I don’t put sugar in cornbread. Yet my cornbread ranks high on the family’s favorite foods list.

A granddaughter who lives in Las Vegas was at Grandma’s for Christmas dinner.

As she came up the back steps she shouted, "Everybody get out of my way! I understand there’s only one pan of cornbread and I plan to get my share. I haven’t had any in five years!"

She ate and enjoyed her share of sugar-free cornbread. Perhaps her portion of cornbread provided a bit of chromium for her health.

As usual, check with your physician before taking alternatives.


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