March 2018
The Herb Lady

Treating Osteoporosis With Alternatives

Another Encouraging Testimonial

I’m sure some of my readers are tired of reading about osteoporosis and its treatment with Bone-up and horsetail. However, every time I write about this, another suffering person gets help. So please bear with me.

The following is one of many I could tell. It’s a true story about a man I’m going to call "Ray."

In August 2011, my personal story about osteoporosis appeared in AFC Cooperative Farming News. Ray happened to read it. Soon, my telephone rang.

Ray introduced himself and stated, "I want to meet you. Is that possible?"

Of course, my answer was, "Yes."

We set a date, Aug. 8. Ray and his wife came to visit.

It was an obvious struggle for him to walk from his car to my apartment. Thank goodness no steps were involved.

On that day, Ray began to take Bone-up, horsetail and vitamin D. He continues to take these and other alternatives.

Ray’s back pain began many years ago − possibly from a high school injury and/or being thrown from a horse. By 2005, he had chronic back pain that often caused him to miss work. Sometimes he missed weeks at a time.

His primary doctor diagnosed degenerative disc disease and prescribed physical therapy. After several weeks, there was no improvement.

Ray was referred to an orthopedic surgeon. This appointment was Jan. 30, 2006. The surgeon informed Ray that he could operate. However, he advised against it.

"You would not be happy with it," he said.

Some of the vertebrae were simply too brittle to withstand surgery.

The surgeon recommended pain management therapy that Ray began in March 2006. He was given Robaxin (a muscle relaxer) and Actonel (a prescription medicine used to prevent or treat osteoporosis).

He did physical therapy regularly, with very limited activity, and did not dare lift over 5 pounds.

Ray had been forced to take early retirement from his 30-year job with Georgia Pacific Railroad. He was also forced to liquidate his cattle and equipment because he could no longer take care of the farm.

We met. He began to take alternatives. Surely his healing began immediately, but it took about two months for him to feel it. His doctor saw the alternatives and the healing.

"You keep that up," he stated.

One year later, he had a bone density test that showed a marked improvement. His doctor was amazed.

When I saw Ray again, he was walking much more like a man and with a smile on his face.

Nowadays, he is again doing farming duties − driving the tractor, chasing cattle, mending fences, splitting wood − all those things he enjoys. Occasionally, sore muscles, etc. call for a bit of pain medicine, but Motrin is all he needs.

Bone-up is a very beneficial, calcium-plus product (a bone-builder).

In Europe, they have determined horsetail is needed with calcium to obtain proper utilization. If it works in Europe, it will surely also work in America. (I am living proof it does.)

It would be a great benefit to us if our doctors would start recommending this.

Personally, I take two Bone-up twice daily and one horsetail (remember, horsetail is silica) twice daily. I have taken it since January 1995. I am now 87 years old. About two years ago, I fell "SPLAP" on cement AND I DID NOT BREAK A SINGLE BONE!!

During the past seven years, Ray, his wife and I have formed a special friendship I treasure. We thank God for providing the knowledge about a control for osteoporosis.

Also, thanks to Ray for sharing his story.

Remember to always check with your doctor before taking alternatives.


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