February 2017
Co-op Matters

Thanks for Your Service

At the 2017 AFC company Christmas party service awards were presented by CEO Rivers Myres. From top to bottom and left to right,


5 years


Receiving awards for 5 years of service were (from left) Valarie Britton, switchboard; Emily Moran, payroll; Terra Tomas, Accounting Services; Wayne Taylor, Accounting Services; and (not pictured) Charles Jones, Grain. For 10 years of service were Lisa Graves, Feed, Farm and Home; Terrie Adams, Feed; Pam Mathis, Feed, Farm and Home; Matt Alexander, Computer Services; Pam Linville, Grain; and (not pictured) Ronald Widstrup, Feed, Farm and Home. For 20 years of service was (not pictured) David McGraw, Grain. For 25 years of service was Lowell Thatch, Feed. For 30 years of service were Glenda Knighten and Glenda Thompson, both of Accounts Payable. For 40 years of service was Jane Harrison, Accounting Services.

10 years


25 years


30 years


40 years