August 2017
Co-op Matters

Responsible Ag

Lauderdale Farmers Co-op in Rogersville achieves certification.


Lauderdale Farmers Co-op in Rogersville employees are (from left) Wendell Walker, Liam Black, Sheila Surles, Jeff Hendrix, Will Inman and Justin Pace.

Lauderdale Farmers Co-op in Rogersville is located off Highway 72 near Joe Wheeler State Park. The area is traditionally known for being a pathway by land and water between Athens and Florence, and it also connects Chattanooga and Memphis. The Co-op is on this path through the Muscle Shoals area and waiting with a welcoming smile, full blooms in the nursery and a complete lawnmower service shop. Manger Wendell Walker can help you with any item you may need, from nutrients for the field or the perfect cut lawn from one of his Hustler mowers. If you are out camping in the peaceful area and just need to pick a part for that camper, Walker and his group can help.


Sharon Cunningham is EHS coordinator for AFC. If you have any question, please let her know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..