August 2018
Co-op Matters

Responsible Ag

Madison County Co-op – In the Birthplace of Alabama


The county of Madison is rich in history and known as the birthplace of Alabama. It sits atop the remnants of the Cumberland Plateau.

Madison County was named for the fourth president, James Madison, after he was the first president to visit the area.

In 1950, when Wernher von Braun started building Redstone rockets, growth took off in a different direction. The expansion of jobs and homes took the area as only an explosion of a rocket could create.

Even with such a history of growth, agriculture has not been forgotten. Major crops in Madison County include cotton, wheat, soybeans, corn and beef cattle. Watercress is also grown in the area.

Madison County Co-op has three locations to supply both farmers and urban customers. The main store is located on 231/431 North in Meridianville, and you can find a wide assortment of products there.

Bonnie Plants has been growing and producing some wonderful vegetables this year for the small-scale farmer and home gardener, and supplying the farmers market with a plentiful selection.

If you happen to find a new puppy, kitten or even a goat while visiting the market, the Co-op can help with feed and products to care for your new little one.

If you have a large-scale operation, don’t worry. They are there for you, too.

When you find time to get away from the heat and are looking for shade this summer, make sure to stop in and look for that bird feeder or something to help keep the bugs away.


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