July 2017
Co-op Matters

Responsible Ag

Goshen and Cherokee Co-ops achieve certification.


Goshen Farmers Co-op Manager Danny Dewrell, right, and Wayne Byrd are working to keep their Co-op a staple for Goshen.

Goshen Farmers Co-op is a big store in this little town. Located in Pike County, Danny Dewrell is the manager of this one-stop-has-it-all location. The friendly spot is in the center of the town. The lot where the building is located also houses everything from the local gas station, tire shop, bulk feed and seed, to the local bank! If you are local and need that hard-to-find belt or part, don’t worry; they can get it for you or even a brand new Hustler mower.

Dewrell has spent many years in the Co-op system. He worked at Opp’s Co-op and moved to Goshen Farmers to become the manager, with his wife and young daughter’s support. He has helped this small Co-op grow and function as a staple for the town. If you are looking for the perfect drive through the country, stop by and say hello.


Cherokee Farmers Co-op’s staff is there to help you. From left are John Tucker, Nate Mitchel, General Manager Andrew Dempsey, Steve Williams, Tony Megnin, Manager Seth Eubanks, James Emanuel, Junior Tucker and Austin Andrewes.


Centre welcomes the newest Responsible Ag members for the area, Cherokee Farmers Co-op. Centre is located on Highway 411 and surrounded by Weiss Lake and the Coosa River. Over the last few years the Co-op has seen many changes including combining with Calhoun Farmers Coop to serve eastern Alabama. General Manager Andrew Dempsey is proud of all of his groups. He encourages them to stay up to date and safe.

Cherokee Farmers Co-op’s Manager Seth Eubanks has worked tirelessly to guarantee his group is in top shape. At any time, you can see him or one of his staff on equipment heading out to ensure the job is done. The pride the staff has in their Co-op is evident when looking at the equipment and services. No matter what, when you walk through the doors, there will always be someone to greet you with a smile. Eubanks and his group can help you with just about anything in the field you may need. Whether it is prepping the ground, strengthening the crops or plotting for next year, let this hard-working group give you a hand.


Sharon Cunningham is EH&S Coordinator for AFC and Agri-AFC. If you have any questions about the Responsible AG program or the audit portion, contact her at 256-303-4071 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you are a manager who has received certification and has not had your picture in our magazine, please let Sharon know. Everyone is working hard, let us share your success.