February 2017
Co-op Matters

Responsible Ag

Congratulations are in order for five more Co-op stores!

  Calhoun Farmers Co-op, Piedmont: (from left) Zack Porter, Dakota Tidwell, Nan Thacher, Danny Hairrell, Andrew Maddox, Kevin Babbitt, Brady Hardin and (not pictured) Dalton Barber.

The group at Calhoun Farmers Co-op in Jacksonville had to almost be tied down for a photo, but I think it was worth it. Manager Tommy Thomas went above and beyond to complete the task for his Responsible Ag audit. Being located in an old military and college town, I know he gets some wild requests. It is with the same dedication to customer service that he meets all his goals.

Andrew Maddox, manager of Calhoun Farmers Co-op in Piedmont, had a busy year in 2016 – graduating, getting married and completing his Responsible Ag certification. He may be young, but he tackled this program with lots of experience and determination. Located out near Chief Ladiga Trail, it is the perfect place to plan a stop if hiking or rafting and just need to take a break.

He may joke around with Mr. West, a founder of the Responsible Ag program, but Chris Casey, manager of Jay Peanut Farmers Co-op, is serious about safety and compliance. Recently named Manager of the Year, he has taken those qualities and applied them to the RA program.

Ricky Aldridge, manager of Walker Farmers Co-op, and Cody King may look cold in Jasper, but they blazed a trail through the items from the RA program. King is working at the Co-op in the manager trainee program. If you are in the area, stop by and try to give him a question that might just stump him and Ricky. Just beware of the guard chicken that may be patrolling the yard!

Steve Lann, general manager, and company at Marion County Co-op may be almost in Mississippi, but, with everything available there, it is a must to stop by and see them if you are going anywhere near Hamilton. Located in town, they can handle anything from a flat or new tire to plants and shovels for planting season.

From top left, Walker Farmers Co-op: Ricky Aldridge, left, and Cody King; Calhoun Farmers Co-op, Jacksonville: (from left) J. Coheley, C. Galloway, K. Veal, T. Thomas, C. Key, A. Batey, (not pictured) Johnny Sams, Jace Panleey, Phil Walker, James Eillett, Allen Evans and Todd Drummond; Jay Peanut Farmers Co-op: Ronnie Moore, Eugene Harrison, Justin Godwin, Derrick Enfinger, Lisa Lane, Brent Wolfe, Mike Martin, Bae LaMastus and (not pictured) Chris Casey; Marion County Co-op: Richard Lucas, Steve Lann, Patricia Bickery and Johnny Shotts.

Sharon Cunningham is EH&S Coordinator for AFC and Agri-AFC. If you have any questions about the Responsible AG program or the audit portion, contact her at 256-303-4071 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you are a manger who has received certification and has not had your picture in our magazine, please let Sharon know. Everyone is working hard, let us share your success.