January 2018
Co-op Matters

Responsible Ag

Central Alabama Farmers Co-ops in Selma and Demopolis achieve certification.


Welcome to Selma, the county seat of Dallas County in the Black Belt region of south-central Alabama and extending to the west. It was a trading center and market town during the years of King Cotton in the South. It was also an important armament manufacturing center during the Civil War. The city is also known as Alabama’s Butterfly Capital.

However, once you venture into Central Alabama Farmers Co-op, you can find what you need for the hunting season. They can equip you with what you may need before, during and after the season. As Mother Nature likes to adjust the temperature on a moment’s notice, you can find the right clothing. Did you make it into the woods and run short on ammo? Just follow the camo to the back. Have a field where you would like to see more wildlife? They can supply plot seeds, houses, treestands, seats and more.

Central Alabama Farmers Co-op in Demopolis is a hidden gem. Demopolis is the largest city in Marengo County, named to commemorate the battle fought by Napoleon against the Austrians in the village of Marengo June 14, 1800. King Cotton was coming into its own as the Southern money crop and the area prospered.

The Co-op has a small, helpful crew. They have a wide selection of farming items you may need.

If you have a horse, this is a must stop. Their resident horse man can help you with any question.


Sharon Cunningham is EHS coordinator for AFC. If you have any questions about the Responsible AG program or would like to learn how to join, you can contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..