November 2018
Product Spotlight

Stimu-lyx® High Mag Fescue Relief With TASCO®


Stimu-lyx® High Mag Fescue Relief with TASCO® has many benefits greater than other cooked tubs.

  • Contains TASCO® -Derived from Ascophyllum nodosum marine plants

  • Helps cattle cope with heat stress and fescue toxicity by lowering core body temperature and respiration rates

  • Supports conception rates in summer heat and fescue areas

  • Maintains organic matter digestibility for body condition

  • Aids in healthy hair coats

  • Potent prebiotic activity helps improve gastro-intestinal health and improves immune function

  • Extreme levels of minerals and vitamins for amazing reproductive efficiency

  • High magnesium formula to combat grass tetany – more consistent mineral delivery than dry minerals

  • High energy and protein to supplement your forage

  • Encapsulated urea for greater fiber digestibility and safety

  • Weatherproof nutrition available 24/7

  • Lower cost per head per day!

So, whether you are grazing winter annuals, grazing fescue pastures or feeding fescue hay, Stimu-lyx® High Mag Fescue Relief W/ TASCO® is the best winter supplement for your cattle.

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