November 2018
Youth Matters

PALS:Vincent Middle School JROTC Joins PALS

Vincent Middle School’s Army JROTC has decided to become a part of the Clean Campus movement! We are so excited to have them onboard with us! Sergeant Major Mary Kyser runs the Army JROTC at Vincent and has encouraged her students to become actively involved in making sure their community and our state is litter-free.

These students also have the support of many community leaders. Shelby County resident Kathy Copeland is working with local businesses to help with their recycling efforts at the school. With strong community support as well as a high level of commitment from the JROTC members, we believe this is going to be one hugely successful Clean Campus group!

I had the opportunity to meet with the group recently and was very impressed with their vision for the program. The student leaders take their jobs very seriously and want to do their part to bring awareness to the general population of the school, too. They plan to make posters and signs to put up around campus encouraging others to be mindful of litter and to recycle when they can. Way to go, Vincent Middle School Army JROTC!!

If your local school is not already a part of the Clean Campus Program, have them check us out online at or give me a call at (334)263-7737 to get connected. The Clean Campus Program is FREE to all Alabama Public and Private Schools and strives to create lifelong stewards of our environment through education.


Jamie Mitchell is the PALS State Clean Campus Coordinator.