June 2018
Youth Matters

PALS: Pitching in to Eradicate Litter

Highland Home School gets involved to keep Crenshaw County clean.


Pictured from left are Raymond McGough, Crenshaw County PALS Coordinator; Jamie Mitchell; and Cliff Maddox, principal of Highland Home School.

Highland Home School in Crenshaw County is now a member of the Alabama PALS Clean Campus Program! Thanks to Crenshaw Area Coordinator Raymond McGough and Principal Cliff Maddox, Highland Home is fully on board with keeping their campus and community litter free!

In a recent visit to Highland Home School, I met with over 800 students to teach them the importance of making a lifelong commitment to litter prevention. We wanted to emphasize that preventing and cleaning up litter is not just a one-time event. I explained that if each student would pick up one piece of litter a day, we could pick up around 5,600 pieces of litter in one week! There is power in numbers! I also explained the opposite … if we all let one wrapper blow away per day, we could also contribute a huge amount of litter to the ground each day.

Crenshaw County has a renewed commitment to keeping their roadsides litter-free. This spring, volunteers picked up hundreds of bags of litter totaling several tons of litter. With the students on board in the community, we hope the roads of Crenshaw County can remain litter free for many years to come!

The goal of the Clean Campus Program is to get students involved. Whether they can do a lot or just a little, with everyone pitching in we can eradicate the litter problems throughout our state. When students become aware, they begin to care. Once they understand the problem, they get excited about becoming a part of the solution.

Let’s work together to get more schools signed up in the Clean Campus Program! If a school near you would like to participate in our anti-litter movement, please have them contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 334-224-7594.

One of the most wonderful things about the Clean Campus Program is that it is FREE to all Alabama public and private schools, thanks to ALFA and Alabama Farmers Cooperative.


Jamie Mitchell is the PALS State Clean Campus Coordinator.