July 2016
Co-op Matters

Monkey business is good in Greenville!

“Coco” the Gorilla enthusiastically waved her sign to let everyone know about the sale on Bonnie Plants.  

Bonnie Plants recognizes Quality Co-op for best sale sign promotion.

It was a ZOO at the Quality Co-op in Greenville during their Bonnie Plants Sale in April. They were slinging plants all around!

Bonnie recognized Quality Co-op as the store with the best showing of the "Bonnie Plants Sale 4 for $10" sign. The store received a $100 check for the four employees and the store manager got $100.

  Pictured from left are Tim Trussell, Senior Vice President of Bonnie Plants, with Quality Co-op employees Wyatt Durrance; Jerry Ball; Judy Stringer; Daniel Salter; J. Ryan Williams, manager; and Leon Coleman.