July 2016
Co-op Matters

Getting Hitched at the Co-op

On Friday, May 6, as customers made their way through the aisles of the Calhoun Farmers Co-op, a branch of Cherokee Farmers Co-op, in Jacksonville, "I dos" and wedding vows could be heard being exchanged in the feed and seed warehouse. Kellie Veal, a cashier at the Jacksonville store, and her husband-to-be, Keith Brooks, were getting married. The ceremony was performed by another Jacksonville Co-op employee and minister of 47 years, Ted Anderson.

At first, it seemed as though wedding plans would be delayed, as area courthouses no longer issued marriage licenses and schedules were conflicting. However, as these doors closed, the stars aligned. In spite of these circumstances, or perhaps because of them, the first Co-op wedding ceremony was born. With ample room, a convenient location and even a minister on the clock, it seemed the Co-op was going to be the perfect place for their wedding ceremony.

As Brother Ted pointed out prior to the ceremony, love isn’t a location or a piece of paper, it’s a posture of the heart. Whether held in a church, the sandy beaches of the coast or a dusty old warehouse, love exists, not in a physical location but in our words and actions toward one another.