April 2017
Youth Matters

FFA Sentinel: Telling Our FFA Story


Will Jordan, Central District FFA President, conducting opening ceremonies at the 2016 FFA Central District Fall Eliminations.

FFA Member Spotlight – Will Jordan

From time to time, it is important for us closely associated with the National FFA Organization or for those of us who were FFA members to remember who the FFA organization is for. Every once in a while it is important for our members to tell their FFA story in the hopes it sparks an interest in those younger and a sense of pride for those who are older. An organization that believes in premier leadership, personal growth and career success, and, in this edition, the story comes from the 2016-2017 Central District FFA President Will Jordan, Central High School of Clay County FFA Chapter. This is his story thus far:


When I was little, I would go to my Pop’s (grandfather’s) house and we would watch RFD-TV. I remember seeing people on stage wearing the iconic blue corduroy FFA jacket. I did not know who those people were, but I did know I wanted one of those jackets. As I grew older, I learned what the National FFA Organization was. However, there was a problem. I went to a private school that did not offer FFA.

After a lot of praying and some hard decisions, I transferred to Central High School of Clay County and started eighth grade in public school.

Although changing schools was hard, the rewards of being able to compete in FFA Career Development Events were worth the adjustment period I had to endure. It was while competing in the Central District CDE Eliminations in eighth grade that I learned about District FFA Officers. Right then, I knew I wanted to be president of the Central District.

The whole idea of being an officer for the FFA was alluring and ignited a passion within my very soul for FFA. The journey was just beginning for me and what an exciting ride it would become in a very short period of time.

Confirmation about my desire to become not only an FFA officer but a state officer rang clear when I heard William Norris, state president in 2014, speak at the first FFA Convention I had the privilege to attend. His words and watching the state officer team really excited me and reaffirmed my decision about wanting to run for office. It was while watching that state officer team’s enthusiasm on the convention stage that I was reaffirmed of my goal of becoming a FFA officer above the chapter level.

When I was in the 10th grade, I met William Norris and he helped me prepare for district officer interviews. At last, interview day came and I was named Central District FFA President! While William may have helped my get a spot on the team, my daily life helped me be ready for it.

Will Jordan, right, had the opportunity to meet the National FFA Officer Team at the national convention.


I have always lived on a farm, and some of my earliest memories are of horses and cattle. This lifestyle and my family heritage of agriculture is what set me up for success, not only in FFA but life thus far. Through raising and showing cattle I have learned responsibility and work ethic, traits that have been vital while serving the Central District. Also, I have gained interpersonal skills through the founding and operation of my business, Jordan Livestock Feeders. If it were not for agriculture and the FFA, I would not be who I am today. I have found, through FFA, I have become more confident in public speaking and more assertive in my decision making.

Often I find myself in conversations about agriculture. Usually I try to highlight my three priorities in life: faith, family and farming. Without my savior Jesus Christ, and the wonderful family He has given me, I would not be as successful as I am.

If I have learned anything while being a servant-leader in the FFA, it is that it takes a team effort. I have been blessed with many friendships through this great organization; friendships that will truly last forever. FFA has forever impacted who and what I have become and plan to be in the future.


FFA members across the state share Jordan’s passion for the traditions of the national blue and corn gold. It is important for FFA members to share their FFA stories and their passion with other members and our communities. The district and state officers are charged with sharing the vision and mission of FFA, and acting as advocates for agriculture. FFA members like Jordan inspire other members to see FFA as an opportunity to grow as leaders and agriculturists.


Will Jordan is the Central District FFA President.