November 2013
Youth Matters

FFA Members Statewide Participate in Chapter Officer Leadership Workshop

FFA members were able to participate in team building activities during the Chapter Officer Leadership Workshop.


The 2013-2014 Chapter Officer Leadership Workshops were held in each of the three districts in late July. These workshops were designed to equip chapter officers with the skills necessary to successfully lead a local chapter. The North District’s workshops were held July 24-25 at Albertville High School and Falkville High School. Students participated in two rotations that showcased six different workshops. These workshops were centered on one theme, "Duck Dynasty." In the first rotation, there were three workshops. Brittany Patrick, district sentinel, and Cody Maddox, district vice-president, led "How to Keep Your Ducks in a Row," focusing on leading a successful chapter. Ivy Harbin, district secretary, and Will Graves, district treasurer, followed with "Teamwork, Jack!" They focused on the need for teamwork for success. Next, Briana Bangs, district reporter, and Valerie White, district president, had "Duck Calls" that stressed the need for effective communication. After lunch, Cody Maddox and Ivy Harbin taught "How to Fly in Your Formation." This workshop was about keeping your chapter dedicated and focused. Then Bangs and Patrick discussed "The Importance of Your Quack," covering communication and appearance as chapter officers. Graves and White finished the day off with "The PHILosophy of Leadership." They talked about the qualities of a good leader. The two state officers in attendance, Alyssa Hutcheson and myself, led the group activities with the assistance of the district officers. This day would not have been possible without the planning and hard work of the district officers, advisory council members and Philip Paramore, the district specialist.


Kaleb Richard, South District FFA President from the Elba Chapter, explains how to be an effective leader to South District members at the Chapter Officer Leadership Workshop in Rehobeth.

The Central District’s workshops were held July 25-26 at Hale County High School and Central High School of Clay County. Students participated in six different workshops focusing on their own individual themes keeping in mind the overall theme "Survivor: FFA Edition." Each one of the Central District Officers led a workshop. District President Brittany Taylor helped students discover how to "become a tribal chief" while CJ Short, district secretary, helped students learn how to "build their tribes." Taylor and Short’s workshop focused on leadership, recruitment and partnership. Destiny Barthel, district vice-president, and Chase Roberts, district reporter, taught students to develop an outstanding Chapter Program of Activities as well as opening students’ eyes to the numerous opportunities available through FFA. Barthel and Roberts helped students "build a fire" to jumpstart their chapters and get them involved. District Treasurer Sarah Ledbetter and District Sentinel Logan Strock helped students learn how to "equip their tribe." Special thanks to the time and planning of the district officers, the central district advisory council members and especially the help of the Central District Specialist Chris Kennedy. Central District also wants to thank AIDT’s Bobby Jon Drinkard for speaking at the COLW held in Hale County.

The South District’s workshops were also held July 25-26 at Daphne High School and Rehobeth High School. The theme was "Suit Up for FFA" with a sports theme. District Treasurer Clay Tew started the day off with "Shoot for 3 with Your SAE," focusing on SAE involvement. Tristan Grey, district reporter, followed with "Serving up a POA," the importance of your Program of Activities. District President Kaleb Richard had "Step Up to the Plate and Lead." He discussed chapter officers’ responsibilities. Allison Butts, district sentinel, followed with "Touchdown for Teamwork," meaning working together as a team. Blair Hendricks, district vice-president, was out sick so the State Secretary Hayden Whittle gladly took her place. Whittle focused on "Make the Goal for Effective Meetings," stressing the need for parliamentary procedure in meetings. Then Robin Miller, district secretary, finished the day off with "5-6-7-8 We Love to Communicate." She focused on communication skills. To wrap up the day, the officers closed the workshop with a quiz bowl competition to review what was taught throughout the day. This event would not have been possible without the time and planning by the district officers, advisory council members and the help of the District Specialist Jacob Davis.

Students learned about proficiencies, degrees, career development events and supervised agriculture experiences. Overall, students learned valuable information that will help them as chapter officers.

Kelsey Faulkner is the Alabama FFA Reporter.