November 2014
In the News

New Website Promotes America’s Farmer-Owned Products and Brands

A growing number of consumers have shown increasing interest in knowing where their food comes from and in being supportive of farmers and local communities as reflected in the tremendous growth in farmers markets in recent years.

Now, a new website,, makes it easier for consumers and other potential customers to find great tasting products and brands from America’s farmers wherever they choose to shop. It also includes hundreds of fantastic recipes your family will love with those same products and brands.

America’s farmer-owned companies handle, process and market almost every type of commodity grown in the United States. This includes a wide range of consumer retail products and brands.

Many consumers might be surprised to learn the companies behind these products are farmer-owned cooperatives. And because they are farmer owned, the proceeds from their sales are returned to their farmer owners. This not only benefits farmers but local, as well as rural communities across the United States.

Helping increase consumer awareness when it comes to America’s farmer-owned products and brands is the goal of Farmers Market of America – a cooperative advertising platform that, as well as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. It’s also the focus of its ongoing "Choose Farmer Owned!" campaign.

"By choosing America’s farmer-owned products and brands, consumers not only get great taste and value," said founder Randall Jones, "they are also supporting America’s farmers and rural communities."

It’s also about being part of a larger community and a sense of connection, he added.

Bonnie Plants and SouthFresh Farms are among a variety of farmer-owned companies whose products, brands and recipes are featured on Find out more by going to the website and follow them on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

And be sure to look for and choose America’s farmer-owned products and brands wherever you shop!