December 2014
Youth Matters

Committing to a Clean Campus


LaDonia Elementary takes recycling seriously.

LaDonia Elementary School has partnered this year for the first time with Alabama PALS and the Clean Campus Program! I spent a day with over 500 students from first to sixth grades teaching them about littering, recycling and creative ways to reuse household items. The students learned that half of all litter is unintentional, so it is always very important to be aware of any trash or wrappers that could easily become unintentional litter. They also learned that people who litter in Alabama can be fined up to $500 for their ways.

LaDonia is taking their new commitment to be a "clean campus" very seriously by installing a new recycling center on campus. The students are learning what can and can’t be recycled, and are constantly looking for more opportunities to be greener and take better care of their campus. At the direction of their teachers Tina Bussey, Kathy Hornsby and Connie Carpenter, LaDonia is looking to have a very active presence as a participant in the Clean Campus Program.

If a school in your area is interested in participating in the Clean Campus Program, please have them contact me at 334-263-7737. Our poster and essay competitions are a great way to get students interested in making Alabama more beautiful, and, with a $250 prize attached, the students get really excited to participate! Remember, there is no cost to participate in the program, so give me a call today!

Jamie Mitchell is the PALS State Clean Campus Coordinator.