March 2017
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“Blooms of Old Cahaba”

Shared stories from the Old South, passed down from many generations of family and friends.


"Blooms of Old Cahaba: Stories from the Old South" is a compilation of six years of research and was inspired by the Givhan family history and Cahaba, the first capital of Alabama and one of the greatest lost jewels of the Old South. From the years of flourishing, before the Civil War, affluent Cahaba was widely celebrated all over the world for its rich bounty and the finest cotton land know to civilized man.

"Blooms of Old Cahaba" consists of something for everyone – stories from the Old South, passed down from many generations of family and friends, and told as correctly as can be for hearsay through the years. The book also contains excerpts from the diary of a Civil War soldier who was fighting in Wilson’s Raid in Selma while writing his story – a firsthand account and much more.

Readers will understand how history affects the current generation through the eyes of a young man leaving his childhood for college, but not before he comprehends his past.

"Blooms of Old Cahaba" holds many documents and artifacts including diaries and wills, awards and commendations of the Givhan family from the early 1800s, and includes many other historical documents and fact, all rolled together in an intriguing novel that takes readers time-traveling from before the Civil War into modern day.

"Blooms of Old Cahaba" is available at Amazon,


About the Authors

John B. Givhan is a soldier, rancher, lawyer and a published author. His last novel, "Rice and Cotton, South Vietnam and South Alabama," can be purchased on Amazon. He graduated from Marion Military Institute, Auburn University and Cumberland School of Law at Samford University. He practiced law for 24 years. He owned and operated Jacob’s Manor Ranch, neighboring Safford, Dallas County. Givhan was awarded the Purple Heart, the Bronze Star, the Air Medal with Nine Oak Leaf Clusters and the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal for his helicopter pilot combat service in the Vietnam War. He was also honored by Alabama Governor George C. Wallace for extraordinary heroism and service to his state and nation.

J. Cooper is a published writer in many venues of advertising and communications, producing articles for magazines, newsletters and newspapers. Her last novel, "Designs in the Sand," is available on Amazon. In addition to creating and owning several businesses, she has held various positions in nonprofits such as Montgomery Lions Club, where she managed the coordination of the nationally televised Blue-Gray All Star Football Classic for sight charities; executive director of the Arthritis Foundation, Southeast Chapter; and AED and membership director of the Southeast Alabama Council of Girl Scouts. Cooper also has a passion for painting and photography, and her work can be viewed at