June 2018
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Are Your Vegetable Crops Protected from Aphids? - An Addendum

Editor’s note: Part of the original article on aphid management in the May issue was not complete. Here is the original and missing text for this section.

Aphid Management

Organic insecticides (Level 3 IPM Tactic): Any insecticidal approach should be the last option for producers. Aphid management with organic insecticide is a very common question asked at grower conferences, and it is difficult to answer.

Two years of organic products screenings have indicated that it is possible to slow down aphids in open field conditions with early insecticide applications, but constant rainfall in some years can be disruptive to persistence of those products that could result in control failure. Overall, it appears that Beauveria bassiana-based products (Mycotrol, Botanigard Maxx), oil blends (Pyola), insectidal soap, Chromobacterium (Grandevo) and pyrethrin (Pyganic) are some of the better materials for use in an early invasion.

Protection of natural enemies is more important for aphid control and insecticide use should be justified. Always rotate insecticides to discourage insecticide resistance.


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