May 2008
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From Your Local Co-op

Schwartz Honored for Years of Service

Terry Carlisle, left, manager of Elberta Farmers Co-op, presented Debbie Schwartz with a Years of Service plaque to show employee, management and board appreciation for her 40 years as an employee there. She started to work for the Co-op in February of 1968. Her first job was the billing of fertilizer. She has filled about every job at the Co-op since. She is currently the Office Manager and is the go-to person for any question you might have. She lives in Elberta and is active in Church and other community activities. She is married to George Schwartz, Jr., has two daughters and one grandson.

"Chick Day" Brings Smiles at Marion Farmers Cooperative

EmeLee Lundy (left) and Nile Hunt (right) enjoyed looking at the baby chicks during Marion County Co-op’s Chick Day. EmeLee Lundy parents are Barry & Kandy Lundy and Nile Hunt parents are Scott & Kristy Hunt.

ACEF Mascots Promoted Festival at Morgan Co-op

As part of the promotion for the Alabama Chicken and Egg Festival, their mascots, Scramble (left) and Nugget, traveled around to  several businesses in the Lawrence County area. Here they were visiting with Morgan Farmers Co-op employees, Ricky Riggs and Renee Knight.