July 2008
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Auburn University to Host Triennial Stocker Conference

By Ashley Smith

If raising stocker cattle is your business, be sure to include the upcoming Triennial Stocker Conference in Auburn as part of your summer plans. Scheduled for Friday, August 15, 2008, the conference is an event not to be missed. With the high price of fuel this summer, consider Auburn a travel destination where you can improve the profitability of your business while enjoying a little rest and relaxation, before and/or after the meeting.

The 2008 Stocker Conference features an amazing lineup of speakers covering a wide variety of topics.

"We historically highlight out-of-state speakers, experts in the field, and are pleased to have a number on-hand for this year’s conference as well," said Auburn University Extension Animal Scientist Dr. Darrell Rankins.

With guest speakers from Kansas to North Carolina, Dr. Rankins has done an outstanding job of collecting experts in the field. The $50 registration fee includes a notebook filled with information and proceedings from each of the guest speakers of the day. Registration also covers lunch for participants. And just as one would guess: "beef – it’s what’s for dinner."

While this year’s conference will cover the main concerns of health, receiving programs and forage/feeding combinations for stocker cattle, Dr. Rankins promises more. The producer panel features producers from Alabama, representing the northern, central and southern parts of the state.

"The combined experience of these three men on the producer panel is great," shared Dr. Rankins. "They are each very knowledgeable and successful businessmen. We can learn much from hearing their perspective on the business."

Diesel prices and fertilizer prices are both skyrocketing. Many farmers are questioning how to attain the most return on the dollar. One of the guest speakers at the conference specifically addresses that topic. The conference will close with a discussion session designed for attendees to ask the experts any question.

Registration for the conference is necessary for planning purposes. Send your name, address and $50 registration fee to: Kathleen Swenson, Department of Animal Sciences, 212 Upchurch Hall, Auburn University, AL 36849. Include your $50 check payable to AU Department of Animal Sciences. Registration for this conference has included as many as 200 attendees in past years; get your name on the list early! Dr. Rankins guarantees if you only attend one conference pertaining to your stocker cattle or cow/calf operation this summer, this is the one! Hope to see you at the Auburn University Ham Wilson Arena at the upcoming Triennial Stocker Conference on Friday, August 15.

Ashley Smith is a freelance writer from Russell County.