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2005-06 STATE

4-H Horse Show

2005 Southern Regional 4-H Horse Show Results
October is a time when those of us who have roots in agriculture traditionally celebrate the harvest and the end of the summer. Considering the visit of Katrina, our celebration has to be tempered with a remembrance of those who have had personal losses, here in our state and along the rest of the coast.

You’ll be proud to know that 4-Hers all across the nation are pitching in to help. Here in Alabama, the young people on our 4-H State Council were immediately on the phone and instant messaging to see what they could do. Clubs throughout the state are taking a similar initiative. That is part of what 4-H is about, as we say: "for my club, my community, my country, and my world."

I hope that you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Perhaps you attended your county fair. As you are out and about, whether it’s the fair or your local high school’s football games, maybe you’ll consider taking some community kids or elderly folks who might not be able to otherwise attend.

Some of the 4-H members that attended the College 4-H Retreat are (from left to right) Cameron Mulvaney, Lee County (Southeast Reginal VP); Ryan Sprinkle (president), Fayette County; Jamond Perry, Russell County; Erin Johnson, Jackson County; Katie Harbor, Shelby County; Somer Behel, Lauderdale County (North Region VP); Sonny Brinkman, Mobile County; Callie DeRamus, Tuscaloosa County; Daniel Trantham, Calhoun County; not pictured John Sawyer, Coffee County.  
In the spirit of goodwill and volunteerism, I would also ask you to consider getting involved in 4-H. If you have a special interest, which could be anything from rabbitsto quilting to website design, please consider sharing your skill or knowledge with 4-H youth. You can get involved with an existing club or even start your own interest club. Did you know that there can be 4-H interest clubs that focus on skate-boarding, quarter horses, theatre and dozens of other interests? For more information, contact your County Extension Office or go to www.aces.edu/fourh/ and hit 4-H programs.

The website is a "work in progress" but check on our Natural Resources, Leadership and other topics. If you are an adult and want to start a local interest club, go to Adult Resources and click Club Management.

August was a busy and exciting month for Alabama

4-H. With State Congress cancelled because of the threat of Dennis, Auburn hosted our one-day state competitive events. We had our Fort Clover getaway for Guard and Reserve kids, our College 4-H Retreat, and many local and regional events.

If you know some of the winners we have listed, I hope that you will give them a pat on the back. They have worked hard for their success. If you are a member of a civic club or governmental body, I would encourage you to include your area’s member of State Council in your activities. Part of their responsibilities are to be ambassadors for 4-H, and they are a bright and enthusiastic group of young people.
Alabama 4-H
Sr. Competitive Events
Saturday, August 13, 2005 - Auburn University, AL

Thanks and congratulations to all participants. Each one is a winner! Thanks also to families, club leaders, and county Extension staff for their investment of time and energy in the lives of our young people. You do make a positive difference. (For a listing of winners, please visit our website: www.alafarmnews.com

Alabama 4-H and YOU…
Leading With Character
Leading With Character


The last two months, I wrote a series of observations on the "Six Pillars of Character: Trust-worthiness, Respect, Responsi-bility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship." Showing character through Alabama 4-H Animal Science Projects will give us some ideas how livestock can develop young men and women.

As a 4-H livestock exhibitor you are representing more than just yourself and your family when you exhibit livestock at a show. You are also representing the 4-H organization, the sponsoring show, and youth exhibitors as a whole.

Many people are counting on you to do your job well, to be a good role model, and to be a responsible exhibitor.

Being responsible is a phrase you may hear often - from your parents, your 4-H leaders, your teachers, and your extension staff. What does it really mean? A responsibility is a duty, an obligation, or a commitment to do something. So being responsible means being accountable for what we do and who we are and for carrying out our obligations and duties at all times. Being irresponsible means the opposite - you don’t carry out your duties, you cannot be relied upon to do what you say you will do, and you do things that you know are not right.

A livestock project takes many months of work. During that time there are many different ways to show that you are responsible. Which of the following actions demonstrate responsibility and which are ones that demonstrate irresponsibility?

1. Being truthful, honest and encouraging with other exhibitors who ask for your opinion in selecting animals.

2. Purchasing your animals and completing ownership affidavits by the appropriate date.

3. Intentionally giving other exhibitors incorrect or unethical information about animal care and handling.

4. Feeding your animals on schedule every day.

5. Using drugs on your animals that are not approved to be used on your species of animal.

6. Borrowing another member’s equipment without asking permission.

7. Being ready to enter the show ring when your class is called.

8. Participating with other club members in keeping your area of the barn clean and neat.

9. Complaining about the show judge.

10. Promptly writing thank you notes to award sponsors.

You should recognize statements 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, and 10 as responsible behavior. Statements 3, 5, 6, and 9 demonstrate irresponsible behavior.

At the beginning of a project, responsible members will work to develop their knowledge and skills about the desirable traits of their animals, and they will be honest and encouraging with other members who ask for advice. Responsible members will follow all ownership rules and deadlines.

Throughout a project, a major responsibility is feeding, watering and caring for the animals. Exhibitors will also need to spend more time and attention to train and groom the animals.

There are many responsibilities involved in preparing for and showing the animals, also. Some of these include:

· Keeping tools and equipment clean and organized, always asking permission to borrow equipment and returning borrowed equipment promptly and in good condition.

· Handling your animals in a way that does not interfere with other exhibitors.

· Following all show and 4-H rules about grooming animals.

· Avoiding put-downs, complaining and barn gossip. Following schedules and being prompt when called.

· Being active and helping other members maintain good herdsmanship in your area of the barn.

After the fair or show is completed, there are a couple of other things that responsible exhibitors will do. On of these is writing thank you notes to sponsors of awards and other people who have helped you with your project. Completing your record book is another responsible thing to do. By completing your record book, you are following a project through to the finish. Someday, that record book will also be fun to look at and to see how much you really have learned since you first started 4-H!

Here are a few additional questions for you to think about and discuss with your parents and 4-H leader:

Upcoming 4-H Events:

Upcoming 4-H Events
Alabama National Fair - Montgomery
Oct. 7 Alabama Bred/Born Market Lamb Show
Oct. 8 Youth Sheep Show
Oct. 9 Montgomery District Dairy Show
Oct. 10-11 Dairy Cattle Show
Oct. 15 Youth Beef Cattle Show
Oct. 16 Youth Meat Goat Show
Oct. 14-15 4-H Volunteer Sports Fishing Training – Eufaula
Oct. 14-15 4-H Volunteer Rifle Training

For more info on the dates or events: www.aces.edu/fourh/, www.aces.edu/calendar/ or go to www.auburn.edu/~rebert/.
This is your first year exhibiting a dairy heifer. How should you go about learning how to take care of your animal and prepare it for exhibiting?

You are 15 years old and have some experience in clipping and fitting your steers, but are not as good at it as you’d like to be. You think your calf might rank higher in the show if you could do a better job of fitting it. Another, slightly older, and very experienced person offers to do all your clipping and fitting for you. What would you do?

Your family is planning a vacation for the last week of June, so you will be away from home for 7 days, but you have 5 pigs that need to be taken care of while you are away. What is a responsible way to handle this situation?

A responsible exhibitor should know before beginning a project what the important dates are in regard to ownership. They should also plan ahead for entering projects at fairs, so that entry deadlines are not missed. What are the ownership deadlines for your projects? What are the entry deadlines for your county or regional events? For state events? Where do you find this information?

You have a heifer that you expect to do well in the county fair show. She leads and handles reasonably well when just you or your family are around; however, when anyone else approaches her, she becomes uncontrollable and you can’t hold on to her. (You’ve tried this with many different friends and neighbors.) What would you do?

Until next time, God Bless!

James Shropshire is the Alabama 4-H Regional Extension Agent for the Central Alabama Region.


President:  Ryan Sprinkle, Fayette,  
 N. AL Region III  
N. Region VP:  Somer Behel, Lauderdale,
N. AL Region I  
SE Region VP:  Cameron Mulvaney, Lee,
SE AL Region II

Erin Johnson, Jackson, N. AL Region II
Katie Harbour, Shelby, N. AL Region IV
Daniel Trantham, Calhoun, SE AL Region I
Jamond Perry, Russell, SE AL Region III
John Sawyer, Coffee, SE AL Region IV
Callie DeRamus, Tuscaloosa, SW Region I
Sonny Brinkman, Mobile, SW Region IV

Achievement - Luke Brymer, Jefferson
Citizenship/Leadership - Caleb Hartin, Butler
Animal Science - Jennifer Williams. Shelby
Dairy Foods Leadership - Katlin Mulvaney, Lee
Breads Leadership - Casey East, Pike
Fisheries-Wildlife - Lisa Shaw, Tuscaloosa
Forestry - Christopher Cannon, Fayette

Luke Brymer, Jefferson
Kurt Ingram, Pike

Cameron Mulvaney, Lee
Erica Lewis, Coffee
Mary Potts, Fayette
Della Stabler, Lee
Jarrett Moore, Lee
Emma Cooper, Limestone
Scott Sexton, Pike
Janna Ford, Shelby
Katie Harbour, Shelby
Kimberly Lynn McGraw, Mobile
Rebecca Morrison, Tuscaloosa
Brittany Stockton, Elmore
Casey East, Pike – National Design Team

Corey Rudolph, Lowndes
Matthew Gates, Pike
Michelle Burns, Fayette

Shelby Co. - James Richardson, High Individual

Shelby Co. - Brian Carstensen, High Individual

Shelby Co. - Michael Richardson, High Individual

Franklin Co. - Nick Kimbrough, High Individual

STATE 4-H TRAP TEAM  (Shotgun)
Franklin Co. - Alex Thompson, High Individual

Round Compound Bow - Megan Hendrix, Pike Co. 

Lamar Co. – Stephanie Reed, High Individual

Coosa Co. - Anna Vines, High Individual

Coosa Co. - James Mooney, High Individual

1.  Calan Daniel, Randolph
2.  Kurt Ingram, Pike
3.  Seth Gee, Talladega

BICYCLE – Dr. Tony Cook
1.  Anthony Westbrook, Lamar (tie)
2.  Tashma Hayes, Lauderdale, (tie)
2.  Ben Johnson, Randolph (tie)
2.  Andres Oliver, Butler (tie)
3.  Justin Baker, Pike

BREADS EXHIBIT – Dr. Molly Gregg
1. Rachel Hyde - Jefferson
2. Caitlin Reed - Franklin
3. Noelle East - Randolph

CHICKEN QUE – Dr. Bob Drakeford
1. Anna Adcock, Randolph
2. Trey Miller, Lawrence 
3. Corey Rudolph, Lowndes

1. Cortney Elkins - Lawrence
2. Rebecca Thompson - Coffee
3. Belinda Baxley - Houston

1. Erin Hardin - Randolph
2. Rachel Voss - Etowah
3. Kristen Hicks - Lawrence

1.  Della Stabler, Lee
2.  Ethan Parker, St. Clair
3.  Jessica Pearlstein, Pike

PLANT & SOIL SCIENCE – Dr. Charles Mitchell
1.  Bryan Parrish, Crenshaw
2.  Jeffery Stovall, Fayette
3.  Jennifer Register, Pike

1. Brenna K. Echols - Autauga
2. Luke Brymer - Jefferson
3. Devin Kennamer - Dekalb

1. Andrew Brymer - Jefferson
2. Alex Masterson - Lawrence
3. JoAnn Caesar - Tallapoosa

PHOTOGRAPHY/Alteration-Mr. Chuck Hill
1.  James Cooper, Macon
2.  Casey East, Pike
3.  Becky Williams, Shelby (tie)
3.  Savannah Swearengin, Morgan (tie)

PHOTOGRAPHY/Traditional–Mr. Chuck Hill
1. April Brown, Escambia County
2. Casey East, Pike County
3.  Stephen Irby, Etowah County (tie)
3.  Jacob Hartin, Butler (tie)

FARM TRACTOR – Dr. Tony Cook
1.  Junior Strain - Randolph
2.  Justin Weigart - Lauderdale
3.  Casey Howard - Tallapoosa  

LAWN TRACTOR – Dr. Tony Cook
1.  Mark Windham - Coffee
2.  Brenson Crenshaw - Lowndes
3.  Robin McLendon - Pike

1.  Michael Robertson - Marshall
2.  Amber Henderson - Coffee
3.  Melissa Revis - Limestone

1.  Amanda Gibson - Pike
2.  Alan Last - Lawrence
3.   Ashley Washington – Washington
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Alabama 4-H Horse Show 

The 33rd Alabama 4-H Horse Show was held July 5 - 8, 2005, at the Garrett Coliseum
Complex in Montgomery.

The 33rd Alabama State 4-H Horse Show was held July 5 – 8, 2005, at the Garrett Coliseum Complex in Montgomery. The High Point Belt Buckle Award winners were presented by Lynn Samson, left, of the Alabama Horse Council, to (l to r) Lindsey Merrill, Jr. Education Events; Emily Barnes, Jr. Hunt Seat Division; Amanda Brown, Saddleseat; Jerrit Varner, Roping; Haley Hudmon, Sr. Timed Events and Cody Scott, Jr. Timed Events.

High Point Belt Buckle Awards: (Sponsored by the Alabama Horse Council) 
Jr. Education Events: Lindsey Merrill, Jefferson Co.
Sr. Education Events: Jamie Hennigan, Autauga Co
Jr. Hunt Seat Division: Emily Barnes, Fayette Co.
Saddleseat: Amanda Brown, Tuscaloosa Co.
Roping: Jerrit Varner, Covington Co.
Jr. Timed Events: Cody Scott
Sr. Timed Events: Haley Hudmon, Lee Co.Jr. Western Division: McClellan Stacey
Sr. Western Division: Amy White 

Junior Public Speaking Contest:
First - Lindsey Merrill, Jefferson Co.
Second - Kalee Jordan, Talladega Co.
Third - Carleigh Watson, Tuscaloosa Co.
Fourth - Kaitlin Terry, Lawrence Co.
Fifth - Dylan Jeffrey, Lawrence Co.
Sixth - Kaitlon Isom, Marion Co.
Seventh - Erica Burney, Mobile Co. 

Senior Public Speaking Contest:
First - Meghan Kenney, Madison Co.
Second - Jamie Hennington, Autauga Co.
Third - Miranda Kloberdanz, Lauderdale Co.
Fourth - Elizabeth Witten, Jefferson Co.
Fifth - Ellen Glasser, Talladega Co.

Junior Individual Demonstration Contest:
First - Lindsey Merrill, Jefferson Co.
Second - Dylan Jeffrey, Lawrence
Third- Hannah Evans, Autauga Co.

Senior Individual Demonstration Contest:

First - Meghan Kenney, Madison Co.
Second - Lydia Henshaw, Madison Co.
Third - Ciara Crotzer, Lawrence Co.

Junior Team Demonstration Contest:
First - Courtney Elkins and Lauren Terry, Lawrence Co.
Second - Jac Crawford and Kalee Jordan, Talladega

High Individual Overall category of the Junior Horse Judging Contest:
First - Amelia Reynolds, Talladega Co.
Second - Shannon Mobley, Autauga Co.
Third - Kaelee Jordan, Talladega Co.
Fourth - Adele Pegues, Talladega Co.
Fifth - Ellen Rankins, Lee Co.

Junior Horse Judging Contest:
First - Talladega Co. team
Second - Autauga Co. team
Third - Fayette Co. team

Senior Horse Judging Contest:
First - Autauga Co. team
Second - Tuscaloosa Co. team
Third - Mobile Co. team

High Individual Overall - Senior Horse Judging Contest:
First - Jamie Hennigan, Autauga Co.
Second - Anna Marie Mobley, Autauga Co.
Third - Meghan Kenney, Madison Co.
Fourth - Elizabeth Petrunic, Autauga Co.
Fifth - Kelsey Collins, Autauga Co.

Junior Hippology Contest
-Talladega Co. team
-Second - Russell Co. team
Third - Tuscaloosa Co. team

High Individual Overall - Junior Hippology Contest:
First - Amelia Reynolds, Talladega Co.
Second - Elizabeth Moulton, Montgomery Co.
Third - Justin Lockhart, Russell Co.
Fourth - Chris Lockhart, Russell Co.
Fifth - Kaelee Jordan, Talladega Co.

Senior Hippology Contest:
First - Autauga Co. team
Second - Madison Co. team
Third - Mobile Co. team

High Individual Overall - Senior Hippology Contest:
First - Mary Hughes, Tuscaloosa Co.
Second - Victoria Leavelle, Tuscaloosa Co.
Third - Jamie Hennigan, Autauga Co.
Fourth - Lindsey Carmack, Madison Co.
Fifth - Rebecca Esser, Mobile Co.

Quiz Bowl Contest:

First - Autauga Co. team 
Second - Autauga Co. team

Champion Hunter Type Mare: Skips Dial a Doll shown by Rianna Flowers, Covington Co.
Reserve Champion Hunter Type Mare: Simply Star shown by Kaitlyn Mobley, Fayette Co. 
Champion Stock Type Mare: Coosa’s Shady Lady shown by Kyle Railey, Talladega Co.
Reserve Champion Stock Type Mare: Babe shown by Cody Bailey, Tuscaloosa Co.

Class winners:
Hunter-Type Mares (over 14.2 Hands): Skips Dial a Doll shown by Rianna Flowers, Covington Co.
Hunter-Type Mares (14.2 Hands and under): Simply Star shown by Kaitlyn Mobley, Fayette Co.
Hunter Type Geldings 14.2 Hands and Under: 317 General shown by Lydia Hinshaw, Madison Co.
Saddleseat-Type Gelding: Buddy shown by Carleigh Watson, Tuscaloosa Co.
Saddleseat Pleasure (Non-Trotting): Amanda Brown, Tuscaloosa Co., riding Kan She Do It
Saddleseat Trail: Amanda Brown, Tuscaloosa Co., riding Kan She Do It
Hunter/Saddleseat Pony Pleasure: Kat Mason, Autauga Co., riding Gypsy
Saddleseat Equitation (Non-Trotting): Kaitlin Hagood, Tuscaloosa Co., riding Storm
Hunter Under Saddle Junior Division: Emily Barnes, Fayette Co., riding Steel A Kiss
Hunt Seat Equitation on the Flat - Junior Division: Brittany Rhea Jennings, Fayette Co., riding One Small Step
Hunter Hack - Junior Division: Anne Marie Tortorigi, Madison Co., riding Dougs Lucky Eagle
Hunter Hack - Senior Division: Megan Buchanan, Baldwin Co., riding Matts Ben High Setn
Working Hunter: Megan Buchanan, Baldwin Co., riding Matts Ben High Setn
Pony Working Hunter: Adria Lehmann, Baldwin Co., riding Magic Moments
Hunt Seat Equitation Over Fences: Alexa Shaffer of Autauga Co. riding Gabe
Calf Roping: Jerritt Varner, Covington Co., riding Don Juan
Breakaway Calf Roping: Jerritt Varner, Covington Co., riding Don Juan
High Point Winner in the Roping Division: Jerritt Varner, Covington Co., riding Don Juan
Senior Arena Race: Haley Hudmon, Lee Co., riding Black Hawk
Senior Barrels Race: Haley Hudmon, Lee Co., riding Black Hawk
Junior Arena Race: Sierra Waldrep, Lawrence Co., riding B.J.
Junior Barrels Race: Sierra Waldrep, Lawrence Co., riding B.J.
Junior Pole Bending: Sierra Waldrep, Lawrence Co., riding B.J.
Junior Stake Race: Emma Kate Hill, Elmore Co., riding Sam
English/Western Walk-Trot: Michael Bailey, Tuscaloosa Co., riding Carolina Truckle
Stock Type Pony Geldings: Stinker shown by Jamie Hennigan, Autauga Co.
Stock Type Pony Mares: Babe shown by Cody Bailey, Tuscaloosa Co.
Senior Stock Type Mares: Coosa’s Shady Lady shown by Kyle Railey, Talladega Co.
Junior Division Western Pleasure: Amelia Reynolds, Talladega Co., riding Radically Z Best
Junior Western Trail: Lauren Bowers, Jefferson Co., riding Selectrified
Western Reining: Michael Pope, Mobile Co., riding Macho Jumping Jac
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2005 Southern Regional 4-H Horse Show Results
Alabama  “Top Ten” highlights include:

High PointRoping             Jerritt Varner, Covington Co
Champion                        Hunter Type Mare                        Brooke Hazel, Talladega Co
Champion                        Breakaway Roping                        Jerritt Varner, Covington Co
Reserve Champ              Public Speaking                        Meghan Kenny, Madison Co
Reserve Champ              Method Demonstration Lindsey Merrill, Jefferson Co
Reserve Champ              Saddle Type Mare (Trotting) Nora Gilliland, Limestone Co  
Reserve Champ              Saddle Type Gelding (Non-Trotting) Carleigh Watson, Tuscaloosa Co  
Reserve Champ              Calf Roping Jerritt Varner, Covington Co
Reserve Champ              Dressage Lindsey Carmack, Madison Co
Third                                 Hippology, (Team)—Stations Madison Co  
Third                                 Hunter Type Mare                        Rianna Flowers, Covington Co
Third                                 Stock-Type Gelding Kyle Jordan, Talladega Co
Third                                 Western Horsemanship Morgan Grantham, Baldwin Co
Third                                 Reining Amber Evers, Covington Co
Fourth                               Hippology—Stations Meghan Kenny, Madison Co
Fourth                               Judging Contest, (Team)—Placings Autauga Co
Fourth                               Hunter Type Mare                        Kaitlyn Mobley, Fayette Co
Fourth                               Pony Working Hunter Annemarie Tortorigi, Madison Co
Fourth                               Working Hunter Emily Barnes, Fayette Co
Fifth                                  Trailoy Coppock, Autauga Co
Fifth                                  Pole Bending Meghan Kenny, Madison Co
Fifth                                  Pony Working Hunter Adria Lehmann, Baldwin Co
Sixth                                Team Demonstrationac Crawford, Talladega Co
Sixth                                Team Demonstration Kaelee Jordan, Talladega Co
Sixth                                Hippology, (Team)—Judging Madison Co
Sixth                                Saddle Type Mare (Trotting) Stephanie Opp, Limestone Co
Sixth                                Saddle Type Gelding (Trotting) Stephanie Shackelford, Shelby Co
Sixth                                Dressage Megan Buchanan, Baldwin Co
Seventh                           Judging Contest—Placings Jamie Hennigan, Autauga Co
Seventh                           Judging Contest, (Team)—Overall Contest Autauga Co
Seventh                           Hippology, (Team)—Overall Contest Madison Co
Seventh                           Horse Bowl Autauga Co
Seventh                           Hunter Type Geldings Brittany Rhea Jennings, Fayette Co
Seventh                           Breakaway Roping                        Sierra Waldrep, Lawrence Co
Seventh                           Western Pleasure                        Amelia Reynolds, Talladega Co
Seventh                           Stake Race Amber Evers, Covington Co
Seventh                           Equitation Over Fences Kaitlyn Mobley, Fayette Co
Eighth                              Stock Type Mares                        Elizabeth Petrunic, Autauga Co
Eighth                              Saddle Type Showmanship (Trotting) Stephanie Shackelford, Shelby Co
Eighth                              Open Jumping Annemarie Tortorigi, Madison Co
Ninth                               Judging Contest—Overall Contestamie Hennigan, Autauga Co
Ninth                               Judging Contest, (Team)—Oral Reasons Autauga Co
Ninth                               Hippology, (Team)—Problem Solving Madison Co
Ninth                               Hunter Type Mare                        Emily Barnes, Fayette Co
Ninth                               Working Hunter Megan Buchanan, Baldwin Co
Ninth                               Open Jumping Meghan Kenny, Madison Co
Tenth                              Hippology, (Team)—Examination Madison Co
Tenth                              Trail Morgan Grantham, Baldwin Co
Tenth                              Saddle Seat Equitation (Trotting) Nora Gilliland, Limestone Co
Tenth                              Public Speaking Lindsey Merrill, Jefferson Co
Tenth                              Team Demonstration Cortney Elkins, Lawrence Co 
Tenth                              Team Demonstration Lauren Terry, Lawrence Co
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