April 2013
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Courtesy - Respect!!! Or The Lack Thereof …

It was Saturday comin’ on 10 in the mornin’ time at The Flat Rock General Store. There was a heavy groupin’ of store regulars so collected round the old, potbellied heater gatherin’ area includin’ Essex, Ms. Ida, the widow Cora, Farlow, Willerdean, "Truth," Bro., S.R., J.R., "Hatch," Dustin, Kamron and Kole. Additional, there was several folk standin’ front-center of Slim at the counter for payin’ purposes.

Just as I maneuvered my bein’ past the folks standin’ t’ward the settin’ area this here prissy, young Miss walked center front of the line, laid a $20 bill on the counter, offered at Slim that she was purchasin’ gasoline and needed it pumped into the red BMW immediately, that she was late for a serious manicure appointment in town.

Here with a near klutziness and whole-mouth drool, "Hatch," J.R., Kamron and Kole all bounced from their perches and near fell over each other as they rushed to pump Missy’s car gas. Course, there was an abundance of full-mouth grins and lots of eye rollin’s from all the other store regulars. Just as Slim’s coarse-mouth voice halted all four young petro-pumpin’ volunteers, he explained to Missy that she would need to herself pump the gasoline and do line standin’ at the rear of all other folk, with the courtesy and respect afforded the line standin’ folk as a necessary kindness t’ward all Flat Rock folk. Here the four young volunteer petro-pumpers returned to their appointed settin’ perches.

At this point, as her eyes were still a rollin’, Ms. Ida offered that, to her, courtesy and respect seemed to be a thing of the past. That the full U.S. of A. was a pure-selfish society. Then she told of her experience just lately at a big store when she asked a store employee for directions to the clear seal bags and was almost run down by the employee’s pricin’ cart as the employee seemed to ignore her request for help.

Then Farlow with his head noddin’ yes offered that in their construction business as they would stop for purchases across our North Alabama area and beyond, most counter folk would reach for your money and never offer a "howdy" or a "thank you for your business" or a "you please come back." Any offer of appreciation, courtesy and respect are forgotten traits.

Bro. followed and with a full-mouth grin suggested it was even a problem for Christian people, as he supplied a hearty laugh and cited his example of dealin’ with a phone order to a Christian supply group and the fact the phone person insisted there was no established account for him as minister at the Flat Rock Baptist Church and proceeded to hang up on him.

Just now Estelle moved to the rear of The Store for a Saturday break from her hair-beautifyin’ factory, picked up on the conversation and Missy still doin’ line standin’ as she proceeded to give her instance of the lack of courtesy or respect. Seems this here well-to-do local lady called for a Friday, 3 p.m. hair-beautifyin’ appointment that Estelle already had booked and this here well-to-do lady requested of Estelle that she cancel the other person’s appointment and give it to her.

Just as Missy had very impatiently moved front-center of the payin’ folk, handed Slim her $20 and rather hastily exited The Flat Rock General Store.

At this point, and after some discouragin’ thoughts and comments on courtesy and respect, the collected folk aimed at disassemblin’ for other duties and obligations.

Me, I was off to collect Lynn, select a grandchild’s ballgame and directed ourselves in that direction. Course, I come on thinkin’ ‘bout all the things my Mother Lizzie Allee Masterson Potter taught me t’ward courtesy and respect. Simple mannerisms such as "yes, mamma," "no, mamma," "please," "thank you," ladies first - old and young, press the elevator button and step back so all those loaded can exit, and so very, very many more simple mannerisms of courtesy and respect. "Thank You" for readin’ Farm Fresh Memories, just now…


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