April 2013
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Born a Cowgirl

Fayette Countian Wins Breakaway Championship

Kellie Trull on her first run at the SPFR finals. (Credit: Dennis  Burns, Five O’Clock Images)


Kellie Trull and husband Joseph are well known in rodeo and team roping circles in the Southeast and travel to compete in a three-state area including Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama. They are also members of the United States Team Roping Championship where they are both headers and compete with other partners including Kellie’s dad Larry Trimm, who is also well known in the area - but that is another story.

Kellie grew up in Fayette County not dreaming of being a cowgirl because she already was one. At the age of 12, she was helping Dad catch unruly cows in pastures all over the area. Kellie’s summer jobs during junior high and high school were working at area livestock auctions. Dad and Mom Sherry have always been supportive.


Kellie Trull with the Ammerman trophy saddle and trophy buckle she won as the SPFR Breakaway Champion. (Credit: Dennis  Burns, Five O’Clock Images)

Kellie and sisters Jamie Palmer and Kacy Hill were involved in several activities. Trull related that they were active in 4-H all through school showing dairy cattle and were members of the horse club participating in sponsored equine events. Two years in a row saw Kellie winning the state in Dairy Showmanship and was awarded a trip to the World Dairy Show in Wisconsin, which she declined to take for fear of flying. After graduating from Fayette County High, she attended Bevill State Community College where she attained an associate degree in secondary education.

Team roping came naturally to Kellie because of all the pasture roping she and Larry had done. Competitively, she has team roped about 20 years. A few years ago, when Triple E Rodeo added breakaway roping to their event line-up, Kellie saw a way to add to her love of roping. This event allows Joseph and Kellie to partner, because you see Joseph is the "calf pusher." His job is to make sure the calf gets out clean to insure Kellie gets the best run she can. He often asks about his calf pushing fee which for some reason he never receives, Kellie laughed. Breakaway roping is an event she picked up from watching others and lots of practice. Having never been told the right or wrong way, she just does what works for her.

Competing in around 10 Southeast Professional Rodeo Association rodeos in the 2012 season, Kellie won in Winona, Miss., 3.4 sec; Jasper, 2.7 sec; and Athens, 2.9 sec. Burgess Rodeo Company sponsored a series of three rodeos called the Tres Rios Buckle series at Jasper, Huntsville and Ardmore. She had the best time on three head at these rodeos, winning the series and a Tres Rios trophy buckle and $100 toward her fees at the finals. Trull made the finals in third place in a field of 14 contestants at the Neshoba County Coliseum in Philadelphia, Miss.

Kellie described the finals, "I won the first round with 2.9 seconds and received a trophy buckle from Broken Arrow Silver Company. In the second round, I had trouble, having to rope my calf with my second loop for a time of 15.6 seconds. It came down to the third round, and because Chelsea Brock was winning the average, I had to place in the round and the average to win the year-end title.

Kellie Trull behind the counter at Fayette Farmers Co-op helping a customer.


"Roping before Chelsea, I had one that ran and roped him in 3.8 seconds. Chelsea was next and had tough luck, missing her calf. Tabitha Kiker, who came into the finals in first place, had a smoking run of 2.7 seconds winning the round. This put me third in the round, second in the average and SPFR Breakaway Champion by $84, winning an Ammerman trophy saddle and a trophy buckle.

"As we say in rodeo, every second and every cent counts."

Kelly has a never-quit attitude and credits great friends and supportive family as being instrumental in helping her attain her goals. Joseph, Larry and Sherry Trimm, Jamie Palmer, Kacy Hill and nephews Austin and Caleb Palmer and Braylon Hill all play a part in the realization of her goals, according to Kellie.

By the way, there might be another champion in the making. Braylon won his first dummy roping in February.


Kellie and Joseph Trull with the trophy buckle she won in the first round of the SPFR finals. (Credit: Dennis  Burns, Five O’Clock Images)

Another important part of the team is Kellie’s favorite horse, 13-year-old Chigger. She has Larry, who bought the horse, to thank for allowing her to partner with Chigger. She said the way her Dad would sell anything that would make a dollar, she knew she had to invest in Chigger to make sure he would stick around.

Kelly, Chigger and her dedicated husband spend quite a few hours in the practice pen. Joseph pulls the calf sled, purchased from Stuart Mitchell, on the four-wheeler, while Kellie and Chigger practice. Great practice is essential for someone just starting out or needing to work their horse slow.

Of course, as everyone knows, you have to have a day job to pay the bills. Kellie has been the assistant manager/ bookkeeper at Fayette Farmers Cooperative, a branch of AFC, for the past 5 years. She is a valuable part of Manager Lance Ezelle’s top notch team.

Kellie and Joseph feed their performance horses Total Equine and Horizon Horse Minerals purchased from the Co-op and are very pleased with the results. They feel these are an economical, healthy choice for their horses.

Remember your local Quality Co-op is ready to serve you with the things you need for your hobby or business.

You can contact Kellie at the store in Fayette at 205-932-5901 if you have questions about breakaway roping. If you’re interested in rodeos, go to sprarodeo.net for schedules, contractor lists or to book a rodeo.

Don Linker is an outside salesman for AFC.