February 2013
Co-op Matters

AFC Employees Honored for Years of Service

At the 2012 AFC company Christmas party, service awards were presented by CEO Roger Pangle (right, except 5 year award).

For 35 years of service was Donnie Saylors, AFC Feed Department.


For 30 years of service was Terry Rouse, AFC Grain Department.

For 25 years of service was Jimmy Powers, AFC Farm & Home Department. Not pictured was John Toon, AFC Feed Department.


For 15 years of service was Jena Klein, AFC Insurance Benefits.

For 15 years of service was Keri Murphy,
AFC Accounting Service.


Receiving awards for 5 years of service were (from left) Jacqueline Hamm, AFC Purchasing & Properties; Linda Howard, AFC Computer Services; Josh Rowland, AFC Computer Services; Eric Wright, AFC Computer Services; and Christopher Pepper, AFC Feed Department. Not pictured was Tara Bradford, AFC Computer Services.