September 2014
Product Spotlight

Century Poly Hay Feeders

This month’s product spotlight is on poly hay feeders from Century Livestock Feeders Inc. We have all used metal hay rings for years and have great success improving the amount of forage our livestock can consume. Metal feeders rust or get bent and become unusable over time. Polyethylene pipe seems like a perfect material for building hay feeders that will not bend or rust.

Polyethylene pipe was developed back in the early 1950s by Phillips Petroleum Company. Polyethylene is lightweight, yet extremely tough and durable. It is also chemically inert, is not brittle, and flexes and bends to absorb impacts. These products can be used in extreme cold to extreme hot climates. The pipes are tested from -180 to 260 degrees so you can count on them no matter where you live. The pipe is protected from degradation from the sun caused by ultraviolet rays by the addition of finely divided carbon black. This makes the life expectancy of these feeders in excess of 50 years! The ends of the pipe are heat fused using a butt-joining fusion system that is the standard for polyethylene pipe. Both tension and pressure tests prove that this joint is stronger than the pipe itself.

Century Feeders are warranted for 7 years from date of purchase for the original purchaser. That is a big deal, compared to little or no warranty for metal feeders.

As one salesman told me, "They are warranted pretty much against everything except front end loaders and fire."

The rings come with stainless steel bolts for assembly, further adding to their long life of service on your farm.

The standard feeder stocked at most Quality Co-op stores is made of 2-inch pipe for the rings and 3-inch pipe for the legs. It measures 8 feet in diameter and is 46 inches tall. This lightweight (approximately 100 pounds) yet very durable hay ring will make a great addition to your hay and supplement program for this fall. If your local Quality Co-op does not have this feeder in stock, they will be glad to order it for you.

Thank you for your business and give these hay feeders a try this fall. I am sure you will enjoy years of service from them.

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John Sims is a products specialist for AFC’s Feed, Farm, Home department. He can be contacted at 256-260-3433 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..