July 2017
Product Spotlight

CPC Developer 14R


It’s calf feeding time again! It’s time to wean and precondition calves, develop replacement heifers and grow bulls. In addition to your vaccination protocol, the feed selected to grow your cattle is of the greatest importance. There are many types of feed available, but only one that combines the greatest flexibility, weight gain and feed efficiency into one product with a low-feeding rate.

CPC Developer 14R is a bulk textured feed designed to be hand fed to growing calves, bulls and replacement heifers. Feed CPC Developer along with free-choice hay or grazing to make a complete ration for your cattle. This is a very high-energy feed and should not be fed free choice.


CPC Developer 14R

  • Analysis: 14 percent protein, 3.2 percent fat, 20 percent fiber

  • Feed at a rate of 1-2.5 pounds per 100 pounds of calf’s body weight per day.

  • This feed contains steam-flaked corn to maximize the digestible energy.

  • There is effective fiber to slow down the nutrient passage rate in the rumen and maximize feed efficiency.

  • The complete vitamin/mineral package ensures animal health, efficient nutrient utilization and better overall animal performance. For better absorption, key trace minerals are chelated.

  • Rumensin is added for increased weight gain, improved feed efficiency and to aid in prevention of coccidiosis.

There are many other feeds on the market, but only one CPC Developer 14R with years of field testing and proven performance to its credit. Stop by your local Quality Co-op and ask about CPC Developer 14R for your farm and prepare to be amazed at what your cattle can do.


John Sims is a products specialist for AFC’s Feed, Farm & Home department. He can be contacted at 256-260-3433 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..