November 2015
Product Spotlight

It’s Egg Making Time!!!

It seems like more and more people are raising their own chickens for egg production. Those chicks you got at the local Quality Co-op this spring are maturing into laying hens. This month, I wanted to spotlight our CO-OP laying feeds and explain the differences between them.

Alabama Farmers Cooperative manufactures three different layer feed products for home egg production. CO-OP laying feeds are formulated to provide all the necessary protein, energy, vitamins and trace minerals for high levels of production. They contain the correct levels of calcium for proper shell development. The high-quality ingredients we select for our feed production ensure maximum production as well as health and well-being of your flock. You can choose either pellets or crumbles (mash) to decide the particle size needed for your birds or your feeders.

Always provide fresh, clean water, adequate feed levels and plenty of space for your birds to help prevent disease or poor performance.

CO-OP 16% Egg Ration Pellets or Crumbles

This feed is formulated to be fed to mature laying hens with free-roaming access.

CO-OP 18% Laying Pellets or Crumbles

This feed is designed to be fed to laying hens and pullets. The higher protein level is ideal for laying pullets and pen-raised birds with little access to additional protein sources.

CO-OP 22% Laying Pellets

This feed is formulated for maximum egg production and hen growth. It contains excellent protein and energy levels for game birds and birds under stress with higher nutritional requirements.

Alabama Farmers Co-op is vigilant in producing high-quality, safe feeds so you can enjoy the rewards of raising and managing your own flocks and livestock. To find a Quality Co-op store near you, go to

John Sims is a products specialist for AFC’s Feed, Farm, Home department. He can be contacted at 256-260-3433 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..