June 2015
Product Spotlight

Appalachian Mountain Crawler Organic Fertilizer

Appalachian Mountain Crawler Organic Fertilizer can be used directly from the bag on your indoor plants or in your garden. There are no perfumes or scents added to our fertilizer, and no chemicals are used in our product. The earthworm casting fertilizer is 100 percent natural and safe!

Our pure Earthworm Castings make
your dirt come alive and makes
it want to grow something!
Great for … Your Garden,
Vegetable Gardens,
Organic Gardening and Houseplants.

Earthworm Castings – Safe Product:

The organic matter consumed by our worms is changed, both physically and chemically, by the worms’ digestive tracts and is actually homogenized. This natural, organic fertilizer will not burn your plants or seedlings. You will have no fear, or problems, caused by overuse or misuse. Use all you want with no reservations!

Plant Growth Hormones:

Appalachian Mountain Crawler’s earthworm castings are 100 percent natural and they contain "auxins and cytokinins" that are growth hormones that produce bigger and more fibrous plant roots. Plant roots will easily grow faster, fuller and more fibrous!

Vermicompost – Earthworm Castings