April 2014
Product Spotlight


I continue to see several cases of coccidiosis this spring. These signs include dark bloody diarrhea, rapid weight loss and in severe cases death. In less severe cases, the weight loss and reduced rate of gain causes losses of $100 million annually in the cattle industry.

To control coccidiosis, you have to either implement a preventive program or a treatment program. The drugs recommended for prevention will not treat cattle for coccidiosis and vice versa. While ionophores such as lasalocid (Bovatec) and monension (Rumensin) are effective preventive programs, amprolium is the first and best selling coccidiosis treatment in cattle caused by Eimeria bovis and E zurnii.

Left to right, Top to bottom, 10 oz. pellet and 10 lb. powder Corid.

Corid (amprolium) is available at your local Quality Co-op in a variety of products. You can buy the product in the liquid form and use it as a drench or in water; a powder that can be mixed in water or used as a drench; or in a product that can be mixed with feed. The recommended treatment program is for five days and to follow all mixing directions on the label of the product.

If you feel your cattle are showing signs of coccidiosis, I would recommend considering these products as your most effective way to treat coccidiosis.

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Jimmy Hughes is AFC’s animal nutritionist.

Corid is a product of Merial