November 2011
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Local Co-ops in the News

Pike Farmers Co-op


Left, Pike Farmers Co-op helped WELCOME HOME the 900th National Guard Unit on August 12, 2011. The 900th had been in Afghanistan for a year. Jennie Jordan, Co-op bookkeeper, had a special interest in this unit’s homecoming. Her nephew, Drake Sanders, is a member of the 900th. “We are very proud to have him home and safe.” Right, Pike Farmers Co-op will continue to fly a yellow ribbon for Rhonda Dease’s daughter, Amanda Hargrove. She is still in Afghanistan and will not be returning home until January 2012.

Coffee County Farmers Co-op

John McMillan, Commissioner of Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industry, was visiting in the area and made an impromptu visit to Coffee County Farmers Co-op in Enterprise. He talked with several local cattlemen and other farmers. Pictured with McMillan (second from right) were (from left) Max Bozeman, past president of Alabama Cattlemen’s Associate; Ricky Wilks, general manager of Coffee County Farmers Co-op; and Ray Marler, staff member of Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industry.