September 2011
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GoldVine Farms

Goldvine Farms’ Phillip Garrison removes frames of honey from one of the hives on his family’s Century and Heritage Farm near the Simcoe community. He has 144 hives in locations around Cullman County.


Keeping Thousands of Motivated Workers Busy at Locations Spread Across Cullman Co.

Thousands of workers prepare products for GoldVine Farms at 110 locations around Cullman County…and they don’t demand a single penny of salary!

They only require a safe, secure work location and plenty to eat.

Phillip and Nancy Garrison are actually GoldVine’s only "human" workers, overseeing honey production based at Phillip’s family’s Century and Heritage Farm location in the Gold Ridge community, and at other locations around the county.

It seems bees have always been a part of the Garrison family.

Phillip’s grandpa, Grant Garrison, bought the original 200 acres in 1910, moving there from the Breman Community, after the Garrisons originally moved from Charlotte, NC. Grandpa Grant was a well-known beekeeper.