September 2014
Howle's Hints

Gee Whiz! More Storage And Patch Those Leaky Boots

“We are never defeated unless we give up on God.” – Ronald Reagan

Evidently, there are many American citizens who feel defeated in the country today. I recently listened to polls that were taken from Americans about the current status of the country. Of the three polls taken, it said a majority of Americans feel America’s best days are behind her. A majority of Americans feel the country is headed in the wrong direction, and the third poll showed that most Americans feel the government can’t be trusted and is out to get them.

In the year 2001, gas and diesel prices ranged around $1.50 per gallon. Now, those prices have tripled; and, when we fuel up … when no one is looking, we lift the hose on those gas pumps to get that extra three cents of gas out of the line being careful not to let any drip on the ground. We still accept those flimsy excuses from the government that the violence in the Middle Eastern countries is driving the cost at the pump higher. Deep thinkers stop and say, "Wait, there’s always been violence in the Middle East."

As prices for goods and services increase, entitlement rolls get bigger, the borders of the country become more porous and the national debt continues to climb, it is important to remember that this is a country founded on biblical principles with the founding fathers continually referencing placing their faith in God - and seeking God’s will in the establishment of this Union. We have been a country truly blessed by God, and we’ve been reaping the freedoms of those who came before us and sacrificed so that the next generation would have it better.

A rubber worm can be melted into punctured holes in rubber boots or waders giving them a little extra life. There’s also a product called Shoe Goo that can be used to accomplish the task.  

If we go back to the original biblical principles this country was founded upon, we would see the healthy being required to work and take care of their families. We would see the national debt go away because we would "owe no man a thing." We would see the poor being fed and given a hand up - not a hand out. Finally, since we are taught to give 10 percent of the earnings we’ve been blessed with back to God in the form of tithes, why should we have to pay more than that percentage to the government?

We continue to be a country blessed by God, but we don’t need to take those blessings for granted. Leaders should be held accountable to biblical principles including honesty; each citizen should exercise their right to vote in a wise and prayerful manner; and we should use our blessings to help others who are in need. It’s not complicated. Like Reagan said, if we give up on God, we will be defeated. To remain blessed, we have to remember we have victory in Jesus.

New Rubber for Old Boots

Having a waterproof pair of rubber boots around the farm is essential, and if you are a duck hunter, waterproof chest waders make the hunt possible. However, one small hole or dry rot crack can ruin the waterproof quality of the boots. Instead of throwing those boots away, try repairing them. There’s a product on the market called Shoe Goo that will seal the holes on rubber boots making them waterproof again. If you really want to go self sufficient, you can also use a lighter and rubber fishing worm to make the repairs. Simply hold the rubber worm over the flame allowing the hot goo to drip into the holes of your boots. If you want to smooth out the area, while the goo is still hot, use an ice cube to smooth out the fresh rubber goo before it hardens.

  A couple of gee whiz plow teeth can be attached to the barn wall to hold ladders or metal T-posts.

Gee Whiz, More Storage

If you have a few remnants of the mule plowing days, they can serve you as storage for modern day. A gee whiz plow was used to plow the middles between cotton and corn, but the plow teeth can be attached to the barn wall to store longer items such as ladders or metal T-posts. The plows are long and curved with two bolt holes. Simply drill a couple of pilot holes into your barn posts, and attach the plow teeth to the wall with lag bolts. Make sure you don’t mount the gee whiz teeth at head level for safety purposes. Waist high is an ideal height.

Privet Hedge: Thanks, China

It is considered one of the top 10 invasive species of weeds in Alabama. You are most likely to see it growing along fence rows where birds will land on fences to spread seeds through their droppings. According to Mississippi State University’s Extension Agency, Chinese Privet was introduced in 1952 and, since then, there’s not hardly a fence in Alabama that is safe from this takeover. Mixtures of 2, 4-D and Remedy are usually the best control techniques for this exotic shrub, which is highly aggressive in growth. Your local Co-op can provide you with the right chemicals for control of this woody growth.

This September, remember your blessings and don’t give up on God. Bringing biblical principles back into the country can make a world of difference in our country’s health.

John Howle is a freelance writer from Heflin.