July 2011
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AL Poultry Growers Launch Twister Relief Fund

Dorman Grace, one of Alabama’s leaders in poultry production, holds a baby chick that survived April’s killer tornado that ripped through parts of Walker County. (Photo by Walter “Huck” Carroll, Alabama Poultry and Egg Association)


It will take a long time for victims of April’s killer tornadoes to recover physically and mentally, and leaders of Alabama’s poultry industry have launched a special relief effort to help them.

It’s called the "Alabama Poultry Growers 2011 Tornado Relief Fund" and financial assistance is being solicited to help those who were devastated by twisters claiming more than 200 lives in the state on April 27.

Unlike some relief programs helping victims rebuild houses blown or washed away by natural disasters, the fund launched by the Alabama Poultry & Egg Association (AP&EA) is focusing on more immediate needs.

"People need money to buy clothes, food, toiletries, transportation and other personal items, and they need it now," Association Executive Director Johnny Adams said. "This fund is designed to help them get back on their feet as quickly as possible."

Aid from around the country poured into Alabama following the tornadoes, but immediate as well as long-range help is something the AP&EA has in mind.

All contributions to the fund are tax-deductible and all of the funds raised will go to Alabama’s poultry grower victims, Adams said.