August 2011
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Knight Family Produces Fourth Straight Chilton Co. Peach Growing Title


Mark Knight is carrying on a long family tradition by planting peaches in Chilton County. He also gets bumper crops of plums.

Mark Knight has done a lot of different things during his working career, but what he’s most proud of is continuing his family tradition. In a word, it’s PEACHES!

Launched by his grandfather and continued by his father for a few years, Knight resumed what has meant so much to so many in his family.

He didn’t just pick up where his dad left off, he’s become one of the best peach growers in Chilton County. That’s saying something because his 40-acre farm can’t compete in size with the county’s larger operations like the Durbins.

For three years—from 2008 to 2010—his peach baskets were picked as the "best of the best" at the annual Peach Festival in Clanton.

On June 25, Knight did it again—winning for the fourth straight year as he was proclaimed the top peach grower in Alabama’s top peach producing county.