June 2006
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Did I Hear That Right?

Did I Hear That Right?

In this article, I’ll attempt to communicate to you some of the things that I’ve either had miscommunicated to me or I just didn’t understand because I didn’t listen. Yes, this article is about gardening (good lawn mowers) and communication.

A few weeks ago, the Home Grown Tomatoes Team traveled to the Morgan Farmers Co-op for a remote broadcast and a Grillin’ With Kenn demonstration. You may have seen the picture in the May issue of "Farming News." We had a great time and I got to meet some of the folks that I had been talking with on the telephone for a year or more like Jim Allen and Susan Parker.

Now, Susan, my new best friend, is very knowledgeable of horticulture and has a horticulture degree from Auburn University. She properly pronounces every syllable of every word she speaks…and talks faster than anyone I’ve ever known from the south.

The following week we were to travel to the Winston Farmers Co-op to help them celebrate their 45th anniversary. SO…….at some point during one of the breaks in Morgan County, Susan mentioned to my Executive Assistant, Lisa Opielinski, that Hustler Zero Degree lawn tractors would be promoted the following week. Lisa told me that the Hustlerettes would be there too. I immediately started promoting the next week’s events and mentioned that the Hustler Girls would be there. I mentioned it several times, qualifying that these were not Larry Flint’s Hustler Girls, but the Hustler lawn tractor girls.

The HGT Team rolled into Haleyville very late on the Friday night before the remote and the Winston Farmers Co-op Team was hard at work at 9 PM getting ready for the next day. I noticed that some of the ladies were wearing Hustler tee shirts and I teasingly asked them if they were the Hustlerettes. They got a good laugh out of that.

The next day there were more ladies in Hustler tee shirts. I knew they must be the Hustlerettes! NOT!

The Hustler lawn tractors were at the end of the parking lot in a tent on display. I kept looking for those Hustlerettes but none of the ladies knew what I was talking about.

After the remote, I started grilling. Susan Parker came up to me and introduced me to a gentleman named Monty Gordon, Territory Sales Manager of Hustler Power Equipment. I asked him about the Hustlerettes. He said, "I’m the Hustler Rep." I don’t know how Lisa got Hustlerettes from Hustler Rep., but we had fun with it for two weeks in anxious anticipation of scantly-clad ladies promoting the Hustler lawn tractors!

I’d like to thank the folks at the Quality Co-op stores for welcoming us: Jim Allen, Susan Parker and all of the store employees; Jackie and Sandra Chambers of Dean’s Country Sausage; Trent Mobley of Golden Eagle Table Syrup; Lisa Opielinski; Lauren Stone, Agribusiness Nutrition Specialist with the Alabama Department of Ag. and Industries and all of the other folks who helped us grill those days. Also, a special thanks goes out to Monty Gordon of Cook’s Power Equipment (THE Hustlerette) who helped us have a great reason to laugh!

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