December 2005
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Light Is Life, Time For Reflection: Notes and Thoughts

Light Is Life, Time For Reflection:
Notes and Thoughts

A major change is coming this month that will affect us all in a major way. Some of you will not notice this change, but you can bet it will affect your life and mine. This change will cause things to appear differently. This change will show us the end of a necessity for life. This change has not changed. This change will show us the beginning of a necessity for life. The change will be positive.

I get so philosophical in December. I don’t know why, but please indulge me this once.

It gets down right cold in December. Well, it gets cold in January and February too. However, December is when I am most affected; for it is this time of year that I reflect. I reflect on what I did all year. What were the positive things I did and what will I not ever do again? Who were the good and positive people I befriended and who bit me? (always, mostly friends)

As we watch the last leaves fall with the rains and winds, we know that life will be back in just a few days. As autumn wanes, the roar of the Urban Ocean stirs me. The Urban Ocean is the sound of the traffic of two interstates that are now positioned around me. They crash together like two bodies of water that meet in a rocky sound at high tide. Two months ago, the noise was slightly quieter because all of the leaves were on the two acres of hardwood trees that separate me from the bands of white and red lights that wind, like a ribbon, in the late afternoon. Now the leaves are mostly gone. They have fallen to the ground to form nutrition for my small forest of trees.

December brings me another birthday. Some folks can forget their birthdays when they get my age, but if yours is on the 24th, you can’t forget it. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t dread the birthdays. I dread the days leading up to the birthday. The first 20 days of December are leading up to the shortest day of the year and I need light!

How I long for the sound of frogs celebrating the coming of mating season… That is my usual pick-me-up! But, not until after the change. For me, the first sound of the frogs marks the beginning. It’s the beginning of a new year, for me. A new start of life. Think about it.

You may not notice the change, but the end of autumn is on the way. It’s a necessity of life, especially for trees and other plants. You may not notice the change, but the beginning of winter is on the way. It, too, is a necessity of life. Light is life and with this change, the days

will start getting longer. There will be more light and things will start to grow…the lichens on the trees will offer us a small taste of what is to come. The frogs will start to sing as soon as Alabama has her first Spring-teaser, and it will matter to me after the Winter Solstice.

Happy Winter Solstice Everybody!

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