April 2011
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Employees Honored for Years of Service to Alabama Farmers Cooperative

Recognized for 40 years of service

Frank Hanes (right), AFC Management Services, was recognized by AFC’s CEO Tommy Paulk for 40 years of service at the annual meeting in Montgomery. Mr. Paulk presented all of the service awards.


Recognized for 35 years of service

Johnny Hayes, General Manager Colbert Farmers Cooperative   Phil Phillips, General Manager Morgan Farmers Cooperative

Recognized for 30 years of service

John Curtis, General Manager Limestone Farmers Cooperative   Derrick Reyer, FF&H, Hardware Product Manager

Recognized for
15 years of service


Recognized for
10 years of service

John Sims, AFC FF&H   Dan Groscost, AFC Chief Financial Officer

Recognized for 5 years of service

Thomas Hall, AFC Management Services   Jerry Ogg, AFC FF&H, Director of Hardware and TB&A
Eddie Roberts, AFC Management Services   Kenneth Waters, General Manager Farmers Cooperative Market
Chris Wisener, AFC FF&H   Jimmy Zorn, Manager West Geneva County Cooperative