June 2011
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Alabama’s Longhorn Cattle


Mac Morgan rides Spike, a 1,500 lb. longhorn steer.


A little bit of the Old West still lives
on this Butler County cattle ranch.

When one arrives at Jimmy Jones’s Horseshoe J Longhorn Ranch near Greenville, things look like a typical Southern cattle ranch. But as you drive through the pasture gate and see a herd of longhorn cattle and a gentleman riding a 1,500-pound longhorn steer with horns as wide as some of us are tall, you wonder if you have transcended the time barrier and are about to embark on a trail drive on the old Chisholm Trail.

Jones held a field day at his ranch on Saturday, April 2, 2011. A large crowd from all over the Southeast was there to share information and hear experts talk about a variety of longhorn cattle-related topics. Dr. Josh Gardner made a presentation on establishing a vaccine program; Dr. Tony Frazier, state veterinarian, discussed tracking devices; and Jimmy Jones, Scott Hughes and Ken Morris shared some of their thoughts on the longhorn breed.