May 2018
The Herb Lady

An Herbal Remedy for Nerve Pain

Lecithin supplement can do a lot for general health as well.

"Lecithin – any of several phosphatides (fatty compounds) found in nerve tissue, blood, milk, egg yolk, soybeans, corn, etc. Used in medicines, foods, cosmetics, etc." (When you cook with Pam, you are spraying your pan with lecithin.)

This definition was found in my dictionary. The lecithin supplement I take is derived from soybeans. I have been taking two twice daily since the mid-1990s. I had finally gotten my severe osteoporosis under control by taking horsetail and Bone-up (one twice daily and two twice daily, respectively).

Due to reduced cartilage in my lower spine, exposed and irritated nerves caused severe pain as I walked. Research revealed I might gain relief by taking lecithin. During the research, I learned lecithin coats our nerves. (I compare this to electrical wiring wrapped to prevent shock.) I soon realized lecithin was a great benefit as I gained much relief.

Research also revealed lecithin does a lot for our general health. Here are a few examples:

  • Our brain is bathed in it (by taking lecithin I am possibly avoiding Alzheimer’s disease).

  • It aids in the control of cholesterol.

  • It helps prevent hardening of the arteries.

In fact, I have found over 50 health situations for which it is beneficial.

Of course, we produce it naturally in our bodies, but sometimes we need a boost to supplement what we naturally produce. If it helps and won’t hurt, I am all for it.

Years later, an acquaintance started taking lecithin for her leg pain that was very similar to mine. She was also much relieved.

It just so happened this lady was a victim of shingles. Long after her shingles had apparently healed, she continued to suffer from the pain. After beginning to use lecithin, she realized her shingles pain had subsided. She stopped taking lecithin for a while and the shingles pain resumed. She restarted taking lecithin and her shingles pain again subsided. After years of suffering, she had accidentally found something to alleviate her shingles pain … relief without any fear of addiction.

Shingles is a viral infection that causes a painful rash and nerve pain.

This information from my herb library is worth quoting, "Lecithin builds the nerve sheath around the nerves."

I have written about lecithin before. However, recently there has been an outbreak of shingles. According to news reports, many people who took shingles shots developed the disease.

Perhaps some of them will gain relief by taking the very beneficial lecithin.

As usual, check with your physician before taking alternatives.


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