April 2017
The Herb Lady

Alternative Treatments for a Yeast Infection

Mr. Ward has a story to tell and I have the pleasure of telling it. I don’t think I’ve ever written about this type of health problem before. As a rule, we homo sapiens seek our doctor’s advice when we develop a health situation. This is exactly what Ward did when he developed a bright redness on his lower abdomen with itching, stinging and burning.

First, Ward consulted a dermatologist. She didn’t seem to know what the problem was (this surprises me) and referred him to his primary doctor.

His primary doctor was unavailable. However, a nice, new, young, lady doctor was seeing his patients. She took one look at Ward and said, "Oh, Mr. Ward, you have a yeast infection." She prescribed nystatin pills and cream. This is an antibiotic used primarily for yeast infections.

For several years, he was apparently free of the problem. Then he began feeling fatigued, as though every step he took was his last. His doctor checked him thoroughly – thyroid, glucose, vitamin levels and others. All tests seemed normal. Every morning he awakened to feel as if he had not slept. This continued for a while. Then one morning his abdomen was red, itching and stinging. He knew what his problem was. Actually, he has experienced four episodes of this ailment since 1994.

When these symptoms occurred in September 2016, he considered a different treatment – alternatives. His research in this respect led him to take a product called Candida Clear and apply Pau D’ Arco cream topically. He almost eliminated sugar, starches, bread, noodles, soft drinks and sweet tea from his diet. (To this day, he consumes a limited amount of these foods.) He also took probiotics to replace the good bacteria in his colon. A few days later, he was feeling well again and has had no recurrence of yeast infection. His energy level remains normal.

Candida (yeast infection) is an overgrowth of fungus in the body. It’s normal for a certain level of bacteria to be in the body. We normally have both good and bad bacteria in our intestines. Often the good bacteria are destroyed by taking antibiotics. It is wise for a person to replace good bacteria by taking probiotics after taking antibiotics. In fact, it is beneficial to take probiotics on a regular basis. (Buttermilk, cottage cheese and unpasteurized yogurt will probably provide a certain amount of good bacteria.)

Wade had taken a good bit of antibiotics without being informed of the need to replace the good bacteria. He knows now to do this. He continues to take probiotics and Pau D’ Arco daily and is experiencing no unpleasant symptoms of yeast infection.

Candida Clear helps your body maintain the normal balance and colonization of Candida albicans, support the immune system and support the intestinal tract.

Pau D’ Arco (Tabebuia heptaphylla) is a very effective immune building and antifungal herb. The tree resists fungus growth even in the middle of the rain forest. The lotion is both soothing and healing for some topical issues.

Your plants will also strongly benefit from a regular watering of a weak Pau D’ Arco tea.

For a good many years, I have taken a Pau D’ Arco capsule each day. I firmly suspect this is the reason I have not been bitten by a mosquito for a long, long time. (I have no way to confirm this.)

As usual, check with your physician before taking alternatives.


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