February 2017
The Herb Lady

Another Bone-Up Story

My writer’s muse is evidently still on holiday (it’s Dec. 27). I’ve just completed a column that I consider unworthy and will not send to the publisher. I know what I’ll do. I’ll tell you my latest Bone-Up and horsetail story.

My friend, Virginia, began taking these two alternatives in early 2011. Soon afterward, she was told by her physician that her bones showed a marked improvement. She has continued to take the products.

Recently, Virginia suffered an unfortunate fall. She had severe trauma to her lower leg. However, she had no broken bones.

Shortly after her accident, my upstairs neighbor met and had a discussion with Virginia’s daughter and son-in-law.

During this discussion, the daughter said, "You’ll never guess what Mother’s taking that prevented a broken bone."

My neighbor quickly answered, "Bone-Up and horsetail."

The daughter was shocked and asked, "How did you know?"

My neighbor answered, "Because my neighbor takes this also and has told me how beneficial these two products are."

Virginia has recovered and is doing well. Of course, she takes her Bone-Up and horsetail faithfully. She has had excellent medical care.

Now, hear about my three falls, all the result of tripping on curbs. These days I’m watching my feet very closely – especially around curbs (which are everywhere).

I suffered aches, pains and bruises, but no fractures. The third fall happened to occur as I was entering the four-story building that houses my doctor’s office. Man! If you want attention, simply fall at the door of your doctor’s office! These kind people swarmed around me to help.

I said, "Please give me a minute. Nothing is damaged except my ego."

I was put in a wheelchair and taken to my doctor’s office.

He said, "Nadine, Sugar. (That’s what he calls me. We worked cardiac together a good many years ago.) Don’t you think I need to X-ray you?"

I answered, "No. Nothing’s broken. I’m simply embarrassed to death. An X-ray won’t prevent aches and bruises."

I hugged him and came home.

Most of you know my story in regards to severe osteoporosis that was turned around by me taking these products. For that reason, I’m not going to repeat the story. However, if you don’t know the story and would like information, please contact me.

I should tell you that there was a time when I wondered why God had me suffer as I did with osteoporosis. There was much pain and I almost lost my teeth. Finally, I came to the conclusion that God had me experience this so I could share my true story with others who are suffering. I have done so. Many have thanked me and benefited from the knowledge.

My writer’s muse is always on good behavior when the subject is Bone-Up and horsetail. For this reason, I’m very quickly sending these words to the publisher.


As usual, check with your doctor before taking alternatives.


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