January 2017
The Herb Lady

My New Address

My new address is 29150 Lake Forest Blvd., Apartment 1007, Daphne, AL 36526. Because many of my readers have my home address, I thought it would be nice to share this information. Now I’ll tell you why I have moved.

I married on Aug. 12, 1948. Since that time, I have slept on a beautiful bed that once belonged to my husband’s great-grandparents. Shortly after my marriage, my mother-in-law informed me that this bed and other items of furniture were never, ever, to leave the family.

Because mattresses are so thick these days, recently I have had to climb a ladder to get into the bed. Of course, this was unsafe for an old lady.

I’ve solved the problem. My mattresses are now lower on a metal frame. The ladder has been retired. Grandpa’s bed now resides in my son’s house in Pensacola.

A chest that came to the Bank’s area (in Pike County) on a covered wagon now sits in another son’s house in Mobile.

Jennifer (a granddaughter) has the French linen press.

The railroad bench is placed in Serena’s (another granddaughter) living room. She loves old things.

Mother’s beautiful oak pie safe, ordered from Sears Roebuck in the mid-1920s, is now housed in Russ’s (a grandson) kitchen.

The old, round dining table and sideboard had taken up residence in Pensacola a few years ago.

There were many small items. I piled these in the living room floor and said, "Take what you want."

As they made selections I told the item’s history.

A daughter-in-law requested, "Please write these stories for us."

I might just do that.

My heirs did not have to wait until my death to receive their treasures. (Others would probably consider them trash, but their history makes them treasures to us.)

After downsizing, I could move to a smaller apartment. I did so. For five years, I had lived in a lovely, gated apartment that I refer to as an "Ivory Tower." I chose to move to a more secluded complex quietly nested in an area much like HOME. No more locked gate.

I brought with me reading, writing and arithmetic. I remain THE HERB LADY.

For my readers in the Troy (Pike County) area, I’ll add this bit of trivia. My husband’s great-grandfather happened to be Dr. Pugh Hollinger Brown. You will find his office in the Pioneer Museum of Alabama located in Troy. Early one morning, he delivered the older sister of the late Margaret Pace Farmer. (The baby was named Hollinger.) Shortly after this delivery, he walked through the door of Goldthwaite Drugs and dropped dead. I know this through family lore. The story is also told in his obituary that I still have a copy of.

Now I can sit on my small, secluded patio to enjoy my morning coffee. Here I can look down through a growth of bayberry/wax myrtle (just one of the herbs around me) at a pine needle-strewn area that requires no mowing. I hear the birds singing and the squirrels playing. A little, tail-wagging black dog often comes to say hello. I’m comfortable and content. Life is good.


Nadine Johnson can be reached at PO Box 7425, Spanish Fort, AL 36577, by calling 251-644-5473, or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..