November 2016
The Herb Lady

Back Pain?

Consider a back brace.

"Pain: Physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury." That’s what my dictionary says. Often I hear people express pains in one form and another. Often joint pain, but most often, I believe, I hear, "My back hurts." I usually ask, "Do you wear a back brace?" Some answer simply, "No"; others say, "Yes, I have one, but it is too hard to put on." Another answer is, "I don’t know if it would do me any good."

I usually give these people advice whether they want it or not. After all, my advice is free.

I obtained my first back brace, prescribed by my doctor, when I was in my 30s. It reminded me of the corset the lovely Scarlett O’Hara wore in "Gone with the Wind." Of course, Scarlet wore it to make her tiny waist tinier. My corset did help to control back pain, but it was a pain in the neck finding clothes to fit over it.

My second back brace was prescribed after I was 60. It was very much like my first brace, which means there were many hooks and eyes, lacing and stays. Oh, oh, ouch! Those stays! While they helped correct my back pain, they created another agony. They poked into my body and felt very much like pitchfork tines jabbing me.

For some reason, I paid a visit to my orthopedic doctor. (This was 10 years ago.) I said to him, "I really need a new back brace." He answered, "Come with me." Then he took me into the office next door, gave the occupants a few directions and left me in their capable hands. I was fitted with a new kind of brace. It is a foam–like, stretchy material fastening with Velcro. This is a wonderful and very comfortable new type of back brace. This brace is the charm!

To don my brace, I fasten it loosely around my waist, then I lie down on my bed and pull the Velcro fasteners comfortably tight. If I take a nap in the daytime, I keep the brace in place and experience no discomfort whatsoever. It is now 10 years old, but as good as the day I received it. Of course, I don’t actually wear it every day.

My need for a brace stems from severe osteoporosis that was practically untreated for a good many years. Finally I found horsetail (an herb) and Bone-up (a bone builder) that turned my sick bone situation around. However, these wonderful alternatives cannot completely correct the damage the disease had done to my spine.

Of course, not everyone with back pain should be wearing a brace. If you think you might benefit by wearing one, consult with your physician. Show him this column, if you desire. I hope you gain benefits as I have.


Also consult with your doctor before taking alternatives.


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