July 2016
The Herb Lady

Asthma: Surprising Treatment Options

Asthma is often an allergic disorder marked by difficulty in breathing and a cough." That is a quote from my dictionary.

I’ve never experienced this type of health problem personally. However, Richard, my husband, was an asthmatic from birth so I know it is a very stressful situation. After a traumatic delivery (that should have been by cesarean section birth, but this process was not done in 1927) during which he suffered injuries, his loving mother carried him around on the best eiderdown pillow she could buy. In later years, we learned he was allergic to feathers. All feathers were removed from our household.

Once I asked, "How did they accept you during World War II in the Navy since you are asthmatic?"

He answered simply, "I lied."

He served two years on an LST and didn’t have a single asthma attack. Of course, he was out at sea (with pure air) and sleeping on a cotton pillow – no feathers.

Today we have multiple tests for allergies, but in the 1920s and ’30s that was not an option.

Recently, the mother of an asthmatic child asked if I knew of anything that might help her. I quickly answered, "Get a Chihuahua dog."

During a very cold spell, Richard’s asthma was so severe that his pajama top could not be fastened across his chest. We purchased a Chihuahua dog. This dog, Susie, became his constant companion unless he was on the job. (I think the railroad would have objected to a dog on the diesel engine.) She slept with us. In the winter time, she slept under the cover between our feet. In the summertime, she slept on the pillow between our heads. If one of us had scolded her, she slept on the other side – away from the person who had scolded. Richard lived another 50 years and never had another severe asthma attack.

Susie was destined to have a very short life span. When she died, I cried and cried and cried.

I Googled "Chihuahua dog/asthma" and found confirmation that it is strongly believed these dogs aid in asthma control.

There is an herbal product called Enviro-detox. It contains sarsaparilla, milk thistle, red clover, dandelion, yellow dock, burdock, marshmallow, pepsin, fenugreek, ginger, echinacea and cascara sagrada. It is a detox for all the major eliminative systems – liver, lungs, kidneys, skin and intestines. This is often an asset for asthmatics.

Chihuahuas are not the only dogs beneficial for health situations. At a recent meeting I attended, the guest speaker happened to suffer from seizures. The gentleman’s wife was also present and holding a lovely little fuzzy dog (I wish I could tell you the breed). This dog has the ability to alert his master when he is going to have a seizure. There was no seizure on this occasion, but I was highly impressed with this dog’s abilities.

 Consult with your physician before taking herbal products.


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