November 2010
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DeltAg is in the Crop Response Business


With dry-erase marker in hand, Johnny McRight talks about the botany and chemistry principles behind the development of DeltAg products.


Products have proven good fit for Co-op stores

Whether planting food plots for wildlife or row crops for profit, tips and tricks for planting success abound. From the farmer’s almanac to trusted fertilizer brands, it seems farmers have always had their favorite methods of giving Mother Nature a nudge in the right direction. And representatives of Alabama Farmers Cooperative and Agri-AFC continue to learn more ways to help their customers get the most return on their efforts.

About 30 AFC and Agri-AFC employees gathered in Prattville for an October meeting with Johnny McRight of DeltAg to learn more about the science behind DeltAg products and how they can benefit farmers.

"DeltAg is not in the fertilizer business," McRight stressed. "We are in the crop response business. Rather than looking at fertilizer by the pound, we’re looking at how we can get more of the available nutrients to the plants. Specific enzymes, amino acids and vitamins influence plant metabolism, improving nutrient efficiency and overall plant health. What these products do is improve the plant’s ability to utilize what’s in the soil."

About 30 AFC and Agri-AFC employees met at the Bass Pro Shop in Prattville to learn more about the bio-stimulant and micronutrient products made by DeltAg.

Part botany lesson and part chemistry lesson, McRight talked in great detail about how micronutrient products can influence planting success.

"What we’ve done and continue to do at DeltAg is look at what we can do to kick that plant off and get it growing. Early plant stress is devastating to later performance. By giving your cotton, soybeans, rye grass, etc. a solid start, you can give plants greater access to water and nutrients making the plant healthier and more productive over its lifetime," McRight explained.

Agri-AFC Decatur’s General Manager Chris Carter said DeltAg products have proven themselves a good fit for Agri-AFC and Co-op retail stores.

"DeltAg is a vendor providing an agronomically-sound product that works and performs in the field and is an economical choice for our customers," Carter said.

He went on to explain that Co-op employees learning more about micronutrient products like those formulated by DeltAg is, in the end, a benefit for farmers and gardeners who shop with their local Quality Co-op.

"What our Co-op employees are learning is ultimately an advantage to our farmers. Any knowledge we can gain and share with our customers is always a good thing. By offering products that can benefit crop performance and solid advice about their use, we hope to help farmers increase their yields and profits," Carter explained.

Chris Casey, manager of the Jay Peanut Farmers Co-op in Jay, FL, said his store has carried the DeltAg product line for four years and explained that positive customer response obliged him to attend the DeltAg meeting.

"We’ve sold a lot of their bio-stimulants and micronutrient formulations, and our customers have really dictated their continued availability. Their results have been the driving force for us to keep carrying the DeltAg line and learn more about the ways it boosts crop performance," Casey stated.

He also credited some of that success to DeltAg sales representative Jack Wadsworth.

"Jack has been really good about visiting and checking in with the farmers who use DeltAg products to make sure they use the products correctly to get their full benefit and to make sure the product has done a good job for them," Casey added.

Developed and manufactured in Greenville, MS, DeltAg began in 1976 and has continued to search for ways to help farmers achieve better results with lower rates per acre by enhancing the plant’s ability to utilize available nutrients.

"Again, we are not trying to put more and more fertilizer in the fields. Some root systems struggle to metabolize some nutrients more than others. We want to increase the efficiency of the plants, allowing them to glean more of the nutrients already in the soil," McRight emphasized.

Chris Carter said Agri-AFC and Co-op stores typically sell more micronutrient and bio-stimulant products in the spring, but the goods are also utilized for cool-season crops and forages as well, specifically wheat and ryegrass.

"Some products are a good fit for certain crops, and DeltAg’s product line has some unique content for some of the Southeast’s most popular row crops and forages," Carter said.

For more information on DeltAg or other micronutrient product lines, visit your local Quality Co-op.

Kellie Henderson is a freelance writer from Troy.