December 2010
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Believe in Jesus

We do our planting in the spring.

Then we pray for lots of rain,

Hoping our crops will really produce lots of yield.

Farming we have to hope the frost will not kill.

Then we got the long summer; we will have to pray

That we hope the insects we will not have to spray.

Then it won’t be long before it’s harvest time for our corn,

But we need to think about Jesus with His head in thorns.

And when we are harvesting our soybeans,

We need to think of Jesus’ nail-scarred hands on the cross’s beams.

When we are harvesting cotton that makes our clothes and things,

We need to thank Jesus for the yield that He brings.

When we are cutting our hay,

For sunshine sometimes we have to pray.

But Jesus is there, always to help,

All we got to do is pray; Jesus is there willing to accept

Farming is our operation,

Depending on our crops to feed our nation.

Sometimes, it seems it’s going to be a failure this year,

But Jesus can turn bad things around; believe in Him, my dear.

Jesus can do things big and small.

Pray to Him, He can take care of it all.

Jesus is the only one we can depend on,

Because He will never do us wrong.