December 2010
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Farming Takes Root in Urban Montgomery


Laura Underwood holds a basket of potatoes at the Hampstead organic farm she manages in Montgomery.

Alabama’s Capital City is known as the birthplace of the Civil War and the civil rights movement, the place where Hank Williams launched his legendary singing career and plenty of political intrigue.

Farming hasn’t created much of a stir around town—not until now, that is.

In a few months, an urban farm will be producing everything from tomatoes to potatoes, from collards to cucumbers.

At the moment, the location doesn’t look like much—just a 2.7 acre triangular-shaped piece of land above where the Montgomery Advertiser is located.

The future farm also overlooks railroad tracks and the Alabama River which flows westward past Selma as it meanders in serpentine fashion south toward Mobile Bay.

It isn’t exactly the kind of environment catering to a farm, not with the roar of traffic only a few yards away where Interstates 65 and 85 converge.