January 2011
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Ahava Springs Farm Produces Music to Strengthen Families


The Carrells, Alice, 16; Lamilla, David and Isaac, 18, pose in the music store Isaac has begun on the family farm near Gallant.

The "crops" harvested at Ahava Springs Farm grow much deeper than the produce in the family garden or even the meat sheep gazing contentedly in the pasture. And the cultivation of that special yield has resulted in twice-annual bluegrass festivals, a recording and teaching studio, campground and even a small historic church which was moved there last year.

The Carrell family’s primary goals are to glorify God while helping to "grow" stronger Christian men, and thus stronger Christian families.

As David Carrell simply explained, "As men grow strong in Christ, their families grow stronger together. As their families grow stronger, our churches grow in strength. And as our churches go, so goes our nation."